Five Horror Books NEEDING The Big Screen NOW!

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Five UK Horror Books NEEDING The Big Screen NOWPhoto byBookBuzz

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Who doesn’t love a good horror film? From The Exorcist and The Omen in the 1970’s to The Thing and Child’s Play in the 1980’s to Scream and The Candyman in the 1990’s to Paranormal Activity and The Ring in the 2000’s to The Conjuring and Insidious in the 2010’s.

Now in 2023, what Indie Horror Books from the UK should we see on the Big Screen?

Here's our top picks:
Bethany Chiller® by Steven DeighanPhoto bySteven Deighan

Bethany Chiller® by Steven Deighan (ISBN: 978-1947381384)

From Internationally-published and award-winning horror writer Steven Deighan...

The life of a young woman turns upside down when demonic forces control her, and a trail of fatalities begins in her name. Can she get to grips with what is happening before Heaven tells her it’s too late?

It’s like a 'Carrie' meets 'The Exorcist' roller coaster ride....

Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell by Paul Kane (ISBN: 978-1781084557)

The World’s Greatest Detective Sherlock Holmes Meets Horror’s Most Notorious Villains the Hellraiser Mythos!

Six Degrees by Bekki Pate (ISBN: 978-1980701200)

Being described by reviewers as "A psychological thriller with a paranormal twist" and " Dark, scary, sinister, uncomfortable, unnerving humdinger of a thriller!"

Heaven's Falling: Ascension (v. 1) By Garry Charles ‎(ISBN: 978-0955031403)

If this is heaven, thank God you're alive...

Virgil Kain never expected to wake up after being murdered. In fact, he thought he was dead. But when he wakes up in a hospital bed, with no memory of the attack or how he got there, God tells him that his survival is crucial to the future of Earth, Heaven and Hell. Virgil must team up with a transgender demon and Satan herself in order to find his killer and prevent heaven from falling.

Heaven's Falling: Redemption (v. 2) By Garry Charles (ISBN: 978-0955031410)

The afterlife just got deadlier...

Kain was finally ready to face the ghosts of his past and make amends for his actions. However, he soon found out that redemption comes at a price.

Get ready for Fright Night with these great Indie UK Horror books that we hope to see on the big screen soon!!

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