The Dragon Keepers Fantasy Series Is Hitting Bookstore Shelves - Now Available In Print

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Written by none other than Bruce Goldwell, Dragon Keepers is a series of fantasy fiction novels. Written in the third-person narrative style, the Dragon Keepers novel series explores the adventures of Merlin the Wizard. This epic series of imaginative and action-packed novels is now making its way toward bookstores after receiving massive success on digital platforms.

The series will now be available in the physical form across bookstores.

The fantasy novel series, Dragon Keepers is written by Bruce Goldwell and Lace Brunsden. The fantasy novels tell the story of Merlin the Magician/Wizard. Merlin is chosen to be the keeper of the Book of Dragons called the Draconic Tome, and he must protect it from those who would misuse its power.

Merlin ages throughout the series, going through difficult challenges and gaining wisdom and power along the way. He eventually becomes the grey-haired wizard of urban legend. In each book of the series, Merlin has a new challenge to meet and gains wisdom as he meets wise and knowledgeable people, dragons, and other creatures throughout his journeys. The author’s unique approach to the mythical and fantastical realm gives a different vibe to the books. The relatable characters in this series are also a reason to keep the readers hooked on the epic storyline.

Dragon Keepers has already received rave reviews from readers on Amazon and is projected to receive the same from the buyers in bookstores. Many are calling Dragon Keepers a "must-read" novel. This book series is not just for teens, but for all ages.

Talking about his struggles in his journey as an author, Bruce Goldwell said: “Sometimes life teaches us amazing lessons and winning is not always what it seems. Winning is in the eye of the beholder. I feel that helping others is one of my missions in life. Whether I become rich or not is not important to me. My goal is to help make the world a better place. I hope people can have a good time while reading my novels, that’s my contribution to making people happy.

Those who want to buy the best fantasy novel can head to their nearest book wholesalers and grab a copy of Dragon Keepers. The physical copy of a novel gives a better feel and a more enjoyable reading experience as opposed to its digital counterpart. The physical touch of the paper provides a reading experience like nothing else.

If your local bookstore hasn't stocked Drago Keepers yet, you can pre-order your copy so you get your copy before anyone else. Or simply purchase online through Amazon or other online book seller.

About Bruce Goldwell:
Bruce Goldwell is an American author and founder of Bruce Goldwell Books. Bruce is known for his famous fantasy adventure novel lineup, Dragon Keepers. The author has received positive feedback regarding his work. He remains an inspiration for young, aspiring authors.

You can reach Bruce Goldwell at

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