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5 Reasons Why Getting a Crown at Ocala Dental Care Was a Relaxing Experience

Amanda Clark-Rudolph

Ocala Dental Care provided a truly relaxing experience for this Ocala mom of two. Read on to find out why.

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Let's be honest, getting a crown isn't an experience you'd commonly associate with "relaxing." But after going through this process at Ocala Dental Care, I left not only with a spankin' new tooth but a feeling of rejuvenation.


Dr. Salifu and his team knew how to make me comfortable. From chill music to serene plants, Ocala Dental Care made receiving a crown a somewhat enjoyable experience.

No joke, I'd do it again!

5 reasons why getting a crown at Ocala Dental Care was a relaxing experience.

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1. The soothing, reflective music

I'm a big music fan, but besides carpooling while listening to the Wiggles, I rarely have time to chill and reflect on tunes.

While Dr. Salifu worked on my crown, I happily listened to Lady Gaga's A Star is Born, Tupac's Changes, and other poetic melodies.

No doubt, the music at Ocala Dental Care was soothing and introspective.

Plus, according to the British Journal of British Practices, there is "considerable evidence that music can decrease pain levels."


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2. The clean white, minimalist room

Ocala Dental Care offered a clean, minimalist patient room.

Unlike my cluttered craft section at home, this dental space was free of visual distractions.

Heck, I could get lost in those white walls.

No wonder a study done by Princeton University found that decluttered spaces can improve focus and mental well-being.

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3. The meditative ocean painting

In the minimalist patient room, Ocala Dental Care did have one ocean painting; its soothing, meditative blue and green hues beautifully and starkly contrasted against the white walls.

Staring at this painting reminded me of a Magic Eye and put me in a relaxing trance.

A study done by Roma Tre University pointed out art's ability to positively affect mood and health. (Looks like I need to make another trip to Ocala's Appleton soon.)

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4. The small plant

Besides the necessary dental equipment, there weren't many objects in the patient rooms, but I did see a well-nurtured green plant in a white vase. (At least it looked real, LOL.)

What a subtle touch for a relaxing impact!

Don't take my word for it; according to Texas A & M, plants can decrease stress and increase focus.

So, it wasn't only good for me, but my dentist making the crown, too!

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5. The sky panel light

And my favorite relaxing feature at Ocala Dental Care: the ceiling sky panel light.

Yes, the strategically placed sky panel provided a soothing visual as dentists worked away on my pesky tooth.

Let's just say I didn't feel a thing because I was so lost in the clouds, and when you're getting a crown, that's a GOOD thing!

Miscellaneous observations about Ocala Dental Care

After this relaxing procedure, I learned that Dr. Salifu has high hopes for Ocala Dental Care's future.

He told me they hope to create crowns with a 3D printer someday so that patients can be in out and out on the same day.

For my crown, I had to attend two appointments: One to prepare the mold and another to fit the crown. Talk about juggling babysitters!

Dr. Salifu emphasized the 3D printing goal won't happen for a while because of the pricey equipment.

Another fun factoid: Dr. Salifu told me he has seen 50-year-old crowns in some patients.

At that rate, I'd be around 88, so fingers crossed my crown lasts that long. But if not, I know where to go to get some relaxation, and now, so do you!

The Lowdown

I was pleasantly surprised with my Ocala Dental Care experience. Dr. Salifu and the assistants took extra care to fit my crown (and he knows nothing about this article, so I'm not just saying that.)

All in all, what I thought would be a terrifying, painful ordeal, turned out to be a restful, meditative few hours.

Still, next time I hope I only need a regular cleaning.

I'm off to floss!

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