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Ocala Mompreneur Rocks Ice and Powder Tie-Dyeing Biz: TMP Custom Creations

Amanda Clark-Rudolph

Find out how dyeing cloth for cross-stitching projects led to a powder and tie-dyeing biz for Trish Perez, Ocala mom of 3.

Trish and her daughter, InaraBelle. (Trish is wearing an ice-dyed shirt.)Haylee Andrus

I first met Ocala tie dyer and mom of three, Trish Perez, at a local Moms of Preschoolers (MOPS) meeting.

After getting to know Trish, I discovered she's a busy lady with many talents, including rocking cross-stitching projects, and more recently, perfecting her iced tie-dyeing technique for her self-owned biz: TMP Custom Creations.

Fascinated about this Ocala mompreneur, I reached out to learn more about her biz and the strategies she uses to juggle her talents and company as a loving Ocala mom of 3.

Her story did not disappoint!

Check out Trish Perez's exclusive Q and A with Newsbreak below:

The Aida cross-stitching cloth that started it all!Photo by Trish Perez

Q. How did TMP Custom Creations come to be?

A. I have always enjoyed crafting custom things for people. In the past, I did a lot of paper crafting, and I named that business TMP Custom Creations. However, when I had kids, I pushed pause on running a business.

I started dyeing fabric to use on my cross-stitch projects, and that morphed into dyeing clothing. Since beginning to show my work, I received many requests from friends to make custom pieces, so I brought back TMP Custom Creations because the name seemed fitting.

One of Trish's recent cross-stitch projects.Photo by Trish Perez

Q. Does TMP represent your initials?

A. Sort of. It’s my maiden name and married name initials, lol. Tricia Muskus Perez. I wasn’t quite married yet when I did it.

Q. What are your top-selling items and why?

A. My top-selling items are shirts, including T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirt hoodies, and tank tops. Shirts are easy for people to buy online and pick a size for, compared to other clothing products like pants.

I plan on adding leggings, more dresses, and more interesting items in the future.

Trish Perez Tie DyePhoto by Trish Perez

Q. Why do you like working with tie-dyes?

A. I love how every piece surprises me when I open it up and wash it out! Every item is different!

I use both liquid dye and ice with powder dye. I love ice dyeing because you get many color "splits" with the ice and powder combinations.

While I can pick the design I want to have and control many colors, it's still a surprise exactly how it will come out.

I learn something from every piece I make.

Q. How do you find the time to dedicate time to your business as a mom of 3?

A. Well, it's not easy!

The only way it works is because I can do it at home. The tying is the most time-consuming part, and I can do that on the dining table while they play.

I usually put the dye on while the baby naps or at night after bedtime.

The rinsing is also done inside, so that's easy to do with them around. One of the kids is 10, so she is helpful with keeping an eye on my one and three-year-olds while I tie or rinse things.

Ocala residents, Michaela and InaraBelle, wearing TMP Custom Creation tie dyes.Photo by Trish Perez

Q. What is your business philosophy?

A. Because of the pandemic, I think everyone could use a little extra color, joy, and connection in their lives.

I strive to provide the above with fun, collaborative pieces that give people a work of art to wear that sparks conversation with others.

Q. Do you have an interesting story about tie dyeing you would like to share?

A. One of my favorite projects was when I made shirts for four of my very best friends when I was pregnant with my son.

I joined a Facebook group for women due in January of 2018. A chat group of 13 of us formed from that group, and we have become very close.

Five of us and our families met up in Orlando to go to Disney together, and I made shirts for us all to wear.

Q. Where would you like to see TMP Custom Creations in the future?

A. I would love to see TMP Custom Creations grow and offer new and fun designs! I recently picked up many clothing pieces to dye and am excited to provide those new products.

I am also collaborating with a non-profit animal sanctuary, where I can donate profits and give back to the community, so I am looking forward to that!

The lowdown

Ocala resident, Trish Perez continues to find unique ways to expose her crafty talents to the world. From stellar cross-stitching to "icy" tie-dying designs, this mompreneur is going places!

Follow Trish and TMP Custom Creations on Facebook and Etsy, or email her at TMPCustomCreations@gmail.com.

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