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Need a Quick, Convenient Drive-Thru Oil Change? Take 5 in Ocala, FL, is it!

Amanda Clark-Rudolph

Take 5 in Ocala, FL makes oil changes efficient, fun, and relaxing. . . even with two kids in the car!

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Quick facts about Take 5 in Ocala

  • Address: 2225 SW College Rd, Ocala, FL 34471
  • Phone: (352) 354-1251
  • Hours:
  • Wednesday 7 AM–7 PM
  • Thursday 7 AM–7 PM
  • Friday 7 AM–7 PM
  • Saturday 7 AM–6 PM
  • Sunday 10 AM–4 PM
  • Monday 7 AM–7 PM
  • Tuesday 7 AM–7 PM

Need a Quick, Convenient Drive-Thru Oil Change? Take 5 in Ocala, FL, is it!

When I discovered Take 5 in Ocala, FL, an auto service biz where customers sit in their car and receive a 5-minute oil change, I was hooked.

Let's just say that as a working mom on the run, oil changes were rarely at the top of my priority list. And the planning that went behind them was no joke.

But Take 5 in Ocala changed all of that.

There, I can keep the kids buckled up in the car, host an auto mechanic lesson, and get my oil changed in a jiffy. Score, score, and score!

What is Take 5?

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Take 5 is one of Driven Brands' oil lube franchises. The Take 5 company was established in 1984 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The company's goal: Provide customers with a drive-thru oil change and impressive customer service.

How to get an oil change at Take 5 in Ocala

  1. Pull up behind the cone at the Take 5.
  2. Check in with one of the friendly employees and let them guide you over an oil-changing pit.
  3. Open your hood.
  4. Tell them your preferred oil.
  5. Let them do their thing.
  6. After the attendant shows you your engine filter, decide if you want a new one.
  7. Pay.
  8. Let an employee guide you out.

Take 5 oil brands:

  1. Castrol
  2. Shell
  3. Mobil

In addition to changing oils, Take 5 offers the following services:

  • Replace transmission and radiator fluid
  • Check/replace filters
  • Replace wiper blades

Take 5 in Ocala review

My popped hood whiile getting an oil change in Ocala, FL.Photo by the author

I was more than impressed with Ocala's Take 5 and employees, Emily and Sean.

Emily was kind, knowledgeable, and quickly pulled up my computer file since I had been there before.

Plus, she was speedy and got us in and out of there in 8 minutes.

Our visit included a 4-minute oil change (4 minutes!), 4 minutes changing the engine filter, offering and providing me and my son free water and juice, and paying.


Emily's fellow employee, Sean, was also patient when I couldn't find the hood opener and guided me safely over the pit with ease.

On my way out, there's a sign that says honk if you enjoyed your service. I always do!

Thanks Take 5 in Ocala for the quick, hassle-free experience; you save this Ocala mom loads of time and prevented me from being late for carline!

Other perks of Take 5 in Ocala

  • You don't need an appointment
  • Coupons are readily available via their website
  • Automatic 25 percent discount for all active military and veterans
  • There are 500 Take 5 franchises in the U.S.

How much does an oil change at Take 5 in Ocala cost?

You can get a basic oil change for $42.99 or a synthetic one for $82.99.

The Lowdown

The exit sign at Take 5 in Ocala, FL.Photo by the author

Take 5 in Ocala offers quick oil changes from the comfort of your car: The friendly service and complimentary drinks are only a few reasons why I continue to get my oil changed there.

Whether you're a busy mom in a minivan or a 16-year-old in his first car, Take 5 offers speedy service and convenience all day long that's appropriate for anyone!

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