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Liberty Playground in Ocala: Get ready for climbing and problem-solving galore!

Amanda Clark-Rudolph

Check out the Liberty Playground in Ocala at 10575 SW 57th Terrace Road
Ocala, FL 34476, and keep your kiddo entertained for hours.

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What we loved:

  • The toddler playground
  • The various monkey bars
  • The loads of climbing structures
  • The problem-solving experiences

What we would have liked:

  • A fence or some separation between the toddler and big kid playground. (Little ones tend to venture to the higher structure nearby.)

Liberty Playground in Ocala: Get ready for climbing and problem-solving galore!

The Liberty Community Park in Ocala is a beautiful playground bursting with climbing structures, monkey bars, slides, and other problem-solving equipment.

Visitors will see a toddler playground featuring three short slides, a safe bridge, and stairs.

Tykes are also drawn to the yellow, metal telephone tubes, making it possible for kids to speak to each other across the little structure.

You'll also find a matching-game puzzle, steering wheels, and a climbing ramp - all at a low altitude for toddlers.

Another bonus: Two plastic, red canopies cover the bulk of the structure, which helps with the Ocala heat.

The toddler playground at Liberty Park in Ocala.Photo by the author

To the left of that structure, you'll find a larger structure for older kids. This extensive part of the playground sports a twisty and regular slide, plus stairs with sidebars for safety.

However, this structure is higher than the toddler playground, making it challenging for small children.

A green plastic canopy covers some of this structure, and kids have their choice of gymnastics-like monkey bars, two metal-chained cargo nets, ladders, slide-down poles, and more.

Fun Fact: The Liberty Community Park earned its name through a public naming contest.

You'll also find a couple of spider net-like structures for additional climbing. And don't forget to try out the four colorful climbing shapes resembling jacks.

My three-year-old adored what we called "chained lily pads" - four plastic circles suspended by chains and metal rods.

On them, kiddos cross and focus on their balance.

Nearby are two more climbing walls and more monkey bars.

Behind the main playground structure, visitors will find a spinning device.

It's similar to a carousel but without the seating (hang on!)

Kids also frolic towards the bucket and traditional swings.

The large play structure at the Liberty Playground in Ocala.Photo by the author

Other Features of the Liberty Playground in Ocala

The Liberty Playground offers many problem-solving opportunities for kids and features shady areas under canopies and trees.

Host a BBQ or party at one of the numerous pavilions that the public can rent for a fee.

Liberty Playground in Ocala also boasts numerous trash cans, a public restroom, more picnic tables, and various benches.

"I loved the springy frog that I could rock on." Liam, age 3

Visitors won't want to miss out on the park trail, great for biking and walking. Plus, there's a learning trail with shapes painted on the ground, too.

Like to read? The Liberty Community Park has a small leave a book and take a book library located at the playground's entrance.

The learning trail at Liberty Park in Ocala, FLPhoto by the author

Behind the playground, you'll find a field perfect for a pickup game of soccer or football.

And, conveniently, visitors have access to a large, free parking lot on site.

The Bottom Line

Liberty Park offers a fabulous playground bursting with structures that provide problem-solving and climbing for energetic kiddos.

Overall, a fantastic playground that keeps you entertained for hours (also a sweet place for a birthday party).

See ya there!

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