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The Tuscawilla Playground at Tuscawilla Park in Ocala: Enjoy Climbing, Ducks, Outdoor Art, and More!

Amanda Clark-Rudolph

Visit the Tuscawilla Park in Ocala at 829 NE Sanchez Ave, Ocala, FL 34470 for playtime fun, nature walks, athletics, and public art. You won't be disappointed!

The Tuscawilla Playground's main structure in Ocala, FloridaPhoto by the author

The Tuscawilla playground at Tuscawilla Park in Ocala is a top-notch playground in Ocala. This massive, modern playground entertains little ones within the beautiful Tuscawilla Park, a 105-year-old public park that occupies all ages.

Let's start with the main playground structure.

Here are some of its features:

  • Seven slides
  • Numerous climbing structures
  • Safety railings
  • A plastic “rock” climbing wall
  • Curvy steps
  • A large ramp
  • Playful steering wheels
  • A Tic-tac-toe puzzlegame
  • Loads of monkey bars
  • Gymnastic rings
  • Two canopies for shade

The toddler playground at Tuscawilla Park in Ocala.Photo by the author

Nearby is a smaller toddler structure for 2 to 5-year-olds called the “Ahoy Play Mates” (pictured above), a captivating play place resembling a pirate ship.

This smaller structure features:

  • A short climbing wall
  • A slide
  • Safe steps
  • A plastic ship steering wheel (My three-year-old loved this feature.)

Seating is not a problem since guardians have their pick of six benches surrounding the playground.

You'll have no problem with your trash either. I observed so many trash cans I lost count.

To the structure's right is a wooden canopy above four red, metal seats - a convenient place for parents to sit and gather while watching their tykes play.

A small “bring a book take a book” library is located there as well.

To the left of the park, you'll see a bigger canopy with four picnic tables, a grill, and no surprises here, another trash can underneath.

Behind the large play structure are eight swings: a double sitter, two handicap swings, three bucket swings, and two traditional swings.

Kids also gravitate to the spinning carousel. (The largest I have seen at an Ocala playground as of yet.)

Tuscawilla Playground in OcalaPhoto by the author

Tuscawilla Park is a place you can stay for hours. Not only will children entertain themselves on the sweet Ocala playground, but adults can enjoy various activities at the park.

Here are some more amenities at Tuscawilla Park:

  • An adult elliptical
  • A basketball court with four baskets
  • Tennis courts
  • A public restroom
  • A nearby baseball field
  • The Discovery Center across the street
  • A nature walk and pond with fountains
  • Durable art sculptures
  • Catch and release fishing

What we loved:

  • The large play structure
  • The wildlife. (We saw many ducks walking nearby and also numerous trees on-site.)
  • The people-watching. We saw people running, walking dogs, fishing, and practicing yoga.

Things to know before you go:

  • A bustling, loud train runs behind the park. (Luckily, my three-year-old couldn’t care less, but some may find the recurring sound off-putting.)
  • There are a few no-touch zones for kids. For example, a "Please keep off the rocks" sign is in front of rocks and plants located to the side of the playground.
A view of the pond at Tuscawilla Park in Ocala, FLPhoto by the author

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite park playgrounds in Ocala for more reasons than I can count - just like the many trash cans on-site, LOL.

While you’re visiting Tuscawilla Park, you can take the kids to the Discovery Center nearby, go to the playground, take a walk, eat a picnic lunch, and more.

You could spend hours here - we did!

A HUGE shout-out to the city of Ocala for creating Tuscawilla Park, a beautiful recreational space that has all the amenities any family would need.

Overall a wonderful experience!

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