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This Ocala-Based Writer Doesn't Write Every Day. Here's Why

Amanda Clark-Rudolph
“It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it.”
—Jack Kerouac, WD

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I read countless articles about how you should write every day, and although that works for some, it doesn’t work for me.

In fact, the thought of writing a daily article stresses me out. But I still publish an average of three pieces a week, and that's not too shabby.

Yes, I'm an Ocala-based professional writer, and I don’t write every day. Here’s why.

1. I let my words sit and simmer.

The idea of writing one article a day nauseates me. And, I want to preserve my health and sanity and not join the ranks of the talented (but very depressed writers) like William Styron and Sylvia Plath.

Yes, I know I could technically write every day without writing a full article a day. I could write article fragments, but when I sit down to produce a draft, I can’t just stop mid-article.

That’s not the way I work.

Here's my process:

  • I sit down and write a first draft riddled with errors, in order to get the outline and my thoughts on paper.
  • After that first draft, I let it sit, for at least a day, sometimes two. Then I go through around eight rounds (minimum) of edits.

For me, publishing an article every day would be a nightmare! I would miss typos, structural issues, and more, primarily because I wouldn’t have the time to edit.

This leads me to #2 on the list.

2. I’m editing

Here’s the biggest reason I don’t write every day: I’m editing my work.

All writers are different; for me, the rough draft, although riddled with errors, flows like butter when it comes to ideas.

I type out my thoughts or dictate my words using Speech to text in Google Docs and put “RES” where I need to add research.

It’s pretty straightforward.

But although my thoughts flow like butter, my first drafts ALWAYS stink.

Editing is where the magic happens.

After each reread, I tweak my work so it’s more presentable. Until on around the eighth draft (sometimes more), I read it and think, okay, it’s done.

If you consider editing drafts the same as writing every day, I’m covered, but writing an article from scratch every day, I do not do.

And I don’t know if I ever will.

3. I’m the “CEO” of my house, Ocala-based freelancing company, and two preschoolers.

Okay, my husband might disagree with the CEO part, but you catch my drift.

In my situation, it’s a lot easier to edit on my phone than bust out my laptop and write the first draft.

I have designated times and places for rough drafts — during the morning, in my she-shed, while my husband watches my toddler. (FYI: Marion County has some stringent permit expectations when it comes to she sheds.)

Times are tough, and I have an hour and a half of childless time a day to make phone calls, schedule interviews, and more.

And I know there are all these articles about how you need to make the time, yadda, yadda, yadda, I’ll be real. These days, I just don't have it.

In the future, I will have more time to dedicate to my craft, but now, contributing to five magazines and three+ blogs every month is more than enough for me.

Like many, my days are jam-packed from sunrise to way past sundown. 

Sure, I fit in a few Heartland episodes for recovery time, but the point is, jamming in anymore writing to an already overbooked day would tip me over the edge.

I recognize this

Plus, I LOVE writing with all of my heart and plan on keeping it that way. 

So, I don’t write an article from scratch each day, and frankly, the thought of it makes me want to hurl (even though, yes, I love writing.)


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The Lowdown

Good for you if you write every single day. Pat yourself on the back and keep at it. 

But it’s also okay if you don’t.

It doesn’t mean you can’t be a professional writer or that you are failing; it could just mean that like me, you’re an editing maniac, have jam-packed days, a family…….. the list goes on.

And don’t let others tell you that you’re just making excuses. Do what works for you, and keep writing when you can.

Trust me. The words will come. Good luck!

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