The Most Popular Sports Teams in America Revealed

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A recent study conducted by leading gambling publisher has unveiled the most popular sports teams across America, and the results are a testament to the nation's sporting fervor.

Dallas Cowboys Dominate the Rankings

Topping the list as the undisputed champions of popularity are the Dallas Cowboys. Affectionately known as 'America's Team,' they receive an astounding nine million Google searches each month, firmly establishing themselves as the darlings of the nation. A staggering 3.3 million of those searches originate from their home state of Texas, overshadowing the number of homes with TVs in Dallas.

The Cowboys not only reigned supreme in Texas but also claimed the top spot in three other states: New Mexico, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Moreover, they secured a place in the top five most searched-for teams in a remarkable 31 out of 50 states, attesting to their nationwide appeal.

Baseball's Resilience: Philadelphia Phillies

America's affection for baseball remains steadfast, with the Philadelphia Phillies emerging as the second most searched-for sports team in the nation. Their over six million monthly Google searches reveal a resolute fan base. Impressively, more than half of these searches (3.3 million) hail from their home state of Pennsylvania, solidifying their status as America's favorite baseball team.

The Phillies also claimed the top spot in three states: New Jersey, Delaware, and their home state, Pennsylvania.

New York Yankees and More

The New York Yankees, a name synonymous with baseball excellence, proudly hold the third spot. Garnering over five million monthly Google searches, they continue to captivate fans with their storied history. In their home state of New York, they enjoy the lion's share of searches, with 1.53 million enthusiasts looking for Yankees-related content.

America's fascination with baseball is further evident as the Yankees take the crown in Connecticut and make it into the top five most searched-for teams in seven other states.

Diverse Popularity: Atlanta Braves and Miami Heat

The Atlanta Braves are America's fourth most searched-for team, boasting over 4.73 million Google searches monthly, with 1.87 million stemming from their home state of Georgia. They enjoy a dedicated fan base across three states and appear in the top five searches in six others.

Rounding off the top five is the Miami Heat, with an average of 4.7 million monthly Google searches. Although they shine as the most searched-for team in Florida, they've yet to secure a spot in the top five in other states.

The NFL Reigns Supreme

Across America, the NFL stands tall as the most popular sports league, with 26 states favoring an NFL team as their most searched-for. Major League Baseball (MLB) continues to thrive in 16 states, upholding its status as 'America's pastime.' The NBA reigns supreme in seven states, while the National Hockey League (NHL) captures the hearts of fans in Nevada.

Curiously, despite the MLS's recent surge in popularity, no MLS team has clinched the title of the most popular in any state.

Nikoleta Kuncheva, the project manager at, commented on the findings, stating, "With the NFL season in full swing, it's fascinating to see which teams are the most popular across the nation." Football teams clearly dominate, making up 55% of the top 20 most popular teams. This study affirms that NFL teams are among the most searched-for sports entities nationwide, followed by baseball and soccer teams, which couldn't secure the top spot in any state.

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