The Return of The Cat Eyes, Bold Lipstick and Face Gems

Amancay Tapia
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There is no denying that wearing makeup makes you look good and feel good. When you are feeling down, it may even help bring the mood up and act like therapy. Makeup videos are a good example as many watch them for their soothing qualities when you need to evade your daily life and feel calm. 

Make up trends do change just as much as makeup lovers change their lipstick so let's have a look at the key trends for the spring /summer 2023 currently trending online.

Hello Cat Eyes

Say hello to those pretty feline inner corners that remind us of the beautiful eyes of cats. There are plenty of eye liners in the market that will help you create the cat eye wings but using liquid eyeliner, will make the process easier.

Another trend gaining popularity in TikTok is the siren eyes look. Bye bye fox eyes, hello cat and siren eyes.

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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are staying as they make your lashes look long when the mascara is not really doing its job. They are easy to apply and the the result is always a glamorous one. A lash serum is always a fantastic idea to keep the lashes in good health and make them look fuller and thicker.

If you like to follow the latest trends, then go for color lash extensions.

Bold Lips

Bold lips are back and so are lip liners, ideally a shade darker than the lipstick to make lips look full. Say hello to very opaque reds, browns, purples and goodbye to those lips layered with transparent gloss or shimmery lipsticks. Make it shine and bright and you will be right on trend.
Photo byAlina Rossoshanska/Pexels

Face Embellishments or Freckles

The "Euphoria" effect is still very much on so don't shy away from adding pretty gems, pearls or glitter to your face and other parts of the body too. Another trend gaining popularity is drawing freckles which makeup artists claim make your nose look smaller.

So this spring /summer be bold, confident and pretty carefree with your makeup but specially, be your authentic self. That's always on fashion.

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