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Domestic Violence in San Francisco Disproportionately Affect Women

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Domestic violence’s physical, emotional, and psychological consequences have long-lasting effects on victims, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression.
Many victims suffer in silence, while experiencing trauma that has far-reaching effects on individuals. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, "34.9 % of California women and 31.1% of California men experience intimate partner physical violence, intimate partner sexual violence and/or intimate partner stalking in their lifetimes."
A study of women in 67 California domestic violence shelters found that abusive intimate partners used handguns to harm, threaten, or scare 32.1% of study participants; long guns were used to harm, threaten, or scare 15.9% of participants. 39.1% reported that the abusive intimate partner owned a firearm during the relationship, almost twice the rate of gun ownership in California. Of participants in gun-owning households, 64.5% said a gun had been used against them.
In San Francisco, a family violence i report found that violence and elder abuse disproportionately affect women, whereas men remain the largest users of abuse in family violence cases. The report revealed that "women made up 70% of victims in domestic violence incidents responded to by police and 54% of elder abuse victims were women."

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On the other hand 68% of perpetrators in child abuse and elder and dependent adult abuse cases were men and 78% of perpetrators of domestic violence were men

Even though there remains a significant need for shelter for survivors of family violence in San Francisco, the city has great resources for victims of abuse. Here is a list of some shelters that provide support.

Saint Vincent de Paul Society—Riley Center

The Rosalie House provides emergency shelter and supportive services for battered women and their childrenThe Brennan House provides transitional housing and supportive services for battered women and their children.

Services for Survivors of Domestic Violence. 1175 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 94103 24

24-Hour Crisis Line: 415-255-0165

Brennan House

18 months of transitional housing for female survivors of domestic violence and their children. Residency includes domestic violence counselling, support groups and advocacy.

Call 415- 255- 2894

Asian's Women Shelter

The shelter also provides case management services for youth survivors of sex trafficking and specialized services for transgender survivors of violenceLanguages: English and 26 Asian languages.

Call their 24-Hour Crisis Line at 877-751-0880

Cameron House: Social Services

This shelter provides social services, counseling, case management, advocacy, and accompaniment to appointments to Asian women and their children, many of whom are new immigrants and/or survivors of domestic violence.

Call 415-781-0401

Community United Against Violence (CUAV)

Shelter for LGBTQQ survivors of domestic violence, hate violence or sexual assault.

SafetyLine at 415-333-4357

La Casa De Las Madres

Their emergency shelter program provides up to 8 weeks of safety and support to women and children fleeing violence.The drop-in counseling center provides domestic violence victims and survivors with practical and emotional support.

24-Hour Crisis Line: 877-503-1850

Woman, Inc.

OperatING since 1978 as a community-based, multi-service agency, serving survivors of domestic violence in San Francisco.

Call for crisis management, group and individual therapy, referrals, and support groups.Services in English and Spanish.

24-Hour Crisis Line: 877-384-3578

In case of emergency, always call 911

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