Destigmatizing E.D. and Prioritizing Men’s Empowerment in 2023 

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As the new year approaches, many Americans reassess the areas in their life they’d like to improve for a fresh start in 2023. While erectile dysfunction is not a topic commonly discussed when it comes to “how to make 2023 your best year yet,” over 50 per cent of men struggle with this issue.

Even though over 30 million men in the US alone are battling this problem, the topic remains stigmatized and men who are suffering are often too embarrassed or overwhelmed by the medical process of seeing a doctor for treatment. Hrach Martirosian, Founder and CEO of SuperPill, has made it his mission to breakdown that stigma.

As the founder of several successful healthcare companies centered around senior health, Hrach is well-versed on the issue of erectile dysfunction and the many areas it affects a man’s life. If there is one key factor he’s learned from his experience in the senior healthcare business, it’s that in order to address E.D. it takes more than resources and education; it takes a sense of humor and a lighthearted approach to connect with men facing E.D. on a level they feel comfortable.

This is Hrach’s goal for not only his brand, but for men’s empowerment.

The Obstacles at Hand

Society’s general lack of understanding and willingness to bring the issue of E.D. to a head misleads men into thinking that this common problem isn’t experienced by many others. Not only does this block the path to successfully addressing E.D., but it adds to the larger problem overall, the stigmatization of men’s sexual health. 

Despite how these issues are generally perceived, suffering from erectile dysfunction is not due to a lack of virility. The truth is, E.D. can originate from a variety of sources including age, lifestyle factors, underlying health conditions, prescriptions medicines and psychological barriers.

Even experiencing impotence in one incident can severely affect men’s sexual confidence and cause a feeling of shame and dread surrounding sex. This is particularly damaging because isolated incidents of E.D. can be caused by alcohol use, stress and even something as simple as fatigue. The feelings of inadequacy that can accompany impotency, even in outlying instances, can greatly increase the odds of the re-occurrence of this problem. 

With so many potential contributing factors it’s less than surprising E.D. is so common. Even still, lack of manliness is a common misconception among those experiencing E.D. and so it’s understandable why men would be hesitant to discuss these sexual proclivities in a sterilized exam room, no matter how many times their doctor has heard it before. 

An Easier Pill to Swallow

As mentioned above, education and awareness are not enough. In order to address this problem head on, Hrach believes there are two important objectives: 1) confronting stigmatization by changing the narrative and 2) removing barriers to treatment.

Changing the narrative of an uncomfortable topic doesn’t happen overnight but with a committed and aggressively humorous approach, it is possible. Hrach’s proposal? less fear of people laughing at men with E.D., more laughing about E.D.

Research has shown that humor can be used as an effective method to cope with stress, anxiety and fear; all confirmed emotions that can accompany E.D. Through amusing graphics and videos, such as ”The Story of Peter“, an animated penis, Hrach has implemented a hilariously candid approach to sharing SuperPill’s brand mission, the resources they provide and the simplicity of the process.

As for the second objective, it may not have happened overnight either, but Hrach has already accomplished it. SuperPill removes the need for an in-person visit, or even a virtual visit for that matter, allowing men to skip the inevitably uncomfortable conversation it entails and giving them a safe space to let it all hang out. Men can simply fill out a brief online questionnaire, click submit, and then their information is reviewed by a physician who will authorize the prescription to be shipped for free and discreetly delivered to your door. 

The platform doesn’t even require men to agree to a subscription. Once the prescription is granted, if they need more at a later time they can easily return to the website and order as needed, no hassle. In addition to the judgment and hassle-free environment that SuperPill offers, this also makes treatment more affordable than a typical doctor’s prescription. 

Through this simple yet effective telehealth resource, the solution to erectile dysfunction is now more easily accessible and leaves no opportunity for embarrassment. This helps encourage the idea that struggling with sexual performance is relatively common, shame-free, and can be easily resolved. Hrach’s ultimate goal is to help remove the negative associations with these problems and help men lead a healthy and confident sex life, which will spill over and benefit other areas of their life.

Although it might not be the first aspect of self-improvement that comes to mind when making New Year's resolutions, SuperPill makes it an easy resolution to keep.

If you suffer from E.D., consider letting SuperPill help you leave those problems back in 2022 this New Year. Make 2023 your best (and sexiest) year yet. 

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