Does Age Difference Matter When Dating?

Amancay Tapia
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When people fall in love, there is no barrier that will stop the feeling that connects them. Love is free and no amount of money can buy you love. Love has no race, social status, religion or age. That's right, age. In the video below I explain why frowning upon age gap relationships makes no sense past a certain age. The difference in maturity between a 55 year-old and a 36 year-old is pretty small, but the difference between a 22 year-old and a 15 year-old is quite big. The 55 year-old and 36 year-old are both adults with established personalities and lives. On the other hand, the 22 year-old is a young adult who is still learning full responsibilities and the 15 year-old, a teenager whose brain isn't yet fully developed.

Relationships with a large age gap are still a bit taboo. Particularly if the woman is the older one. Many believe that relationships where one partner is significantly older are bound for failure. Those whose partners are of similar age break up when the infatuation is over or one partner falls for someone else, whereas those with an age difference break up because of age.

Research from the University of Colorado at Boulder reported that men and women find greater relationship satisfaction with younger partners, particularly in the early years of the marriage. A level of satisfaction that in the end only benefits one of the parties in the relationship. The study confirmed that men who marry younger wives show more satisfaction than men who marry women who are older.

However, those who decide to have a relationship with someone younger or older fall in love the same way they do when age is out of the equation. In the end and just like in any relationship, if it ends, it is because the relationship has run its course.

In life there is no such thing as forever let alone "till death do us part." A great start when it comes to relationships, would be not to expect the moon from a potential partner, who just like any other human being has both virtues and defects.

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