Turn Your Home Into a Welcoming Winter Den

Amancay Tapia

It is official, we are in the run up to Christmas and as the colder days approach, there are some simple tricks to give your home a cosy winter den look.

Simple tricks such as adding some indoor plants, fairy lights or cushions in seasonal colors will have your home feeling cozy and warm in not time.Here are some simple tricks.

  • Accent Pieces

Incorporating a few thoughtfully placed accents such as comfy throw pillows in seasonal colours, or a cosy blanket on your sofa, will not only bump up the comfort level of your home but give it a cozy vibe with little effort.

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  • Add A Touch Of Velvet

Add a touch of velvet to any room for the wow factor. Velvet is synonymous with luxury and velvet furnishings are widely available these days at affordable prices.

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A pair of dining chairs in your table will add a touch of glamour to your home dinning experience. Velvet dining chairs by Lakeland, have a great design and will make dinner time extra special even in the smallest of spaces. We tried them, and they are super comfortable too.

Photo Courtesy of Lakeland Furniture

  • Soft Lighting

Softer lighting will provide a warmer environment to relax in, you can do so by adding warm light LED bulbs to lamps in communal spaces or battery operated fairy lights that can be placed anywhere. Lamps also create a very welcoming ambience and so do candles, which can be scented.

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  • Create a Cozy Corner

You can create a little cozy corner simply by incorporating a small armchair, a side-table or a floor lamp.You will love retreating to your special place of the house for some time off

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  • House Plants, Natural Elements or Terraniums

Adding natural elements gives a home a decorative warmth. You can create a beautiful seasonal wreath with natural elements such as pines and decorate it with a warm colour ribbon, faux fruits or vegetables.

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By Christmas time, add some holly berry crafts and snowflakes and turn it into a personalised Christmas wreath that you could also pair with a festive candle.

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House plants will also add vibrancy to your space. The idea is to bring nature into the comfort of your home in the months where you don’t feel like venturing out too much. As for indoor plants there are many that don't require much light or daily watering. Bromeliads, for example, can grow with only artificial lighting and Snake plants are excellent houseplants for rooms with little natural light.

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Alternatively, you can build your own terrarium which is also a great activity to disconnect.

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  • Seasonal Scents

Scented candles will make the space feel cozy and warm, another option are diffusers which offer natural aromatherapy and help humidify the space.

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  • Mixing The Old and The New

Modern homes are practical but sometimes the minimalist look can feel anything but cozy,same goes for the furniture. By mixing and matching old and new furniture, including any antique piece you may have found in a market, you can add character and charisma to any space.

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  • Tapestries,Art,Photos

If you're trying to create a cozy home for winter, bare walls can feel cold. Fill your walls with some nice tapestries or meaningful art. Family photos in warm wood or fabric frames are always a good idea to give your home some background about the occupants.


When the weather is cold, there is really no place like home.

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