Non-Hollywood migrant stories

Amancay Tapia
Photo courtesy of Angelica Mastrogiuseppe

The story in these videos is bittersweet but that's real life. Real life is working people struggling to get by, working hard for little money to put food on their tables and pay for a roof over their heads. That is the reality of millions worldwide. You can be young, beautiful and talented but sometimes, many times indeed, life is not a movie with a Hollywood ending. Life can be hard for some but at least it is life and while there is life and there is hope even if that hope for an overwhelming majority is just to get by.

In the U.S., celebrity culture has taken over popular culture, people with little to no intellectual wisdom are often given major platforms to tell us, "the others", how to live our lives, how to make it better, and how wonderful they really are.

Maybe 25 years ago people bought into the celebrity altruism thing, not anymore. Particularly if coming from someone with a mansion in Beverly Hills.

In these uncertain times, when many have lost their jobs and are struggling more than ever to get by or find some stability in their lives, the least you need to see or hear is some privileged entitled celebrity with a permanent smile whiter than fresh milk and a pompous discourse someone helped them write, telling you how wonderful your life could be if only you listen to them, and their friends, and join their mentoring programs and donate to their non-profits and look at their instagram perfect lifestyles to waste another precious moment of your life. Avoid please. Think for yourself. Time's up.

Let's support each other, but helping others is not something only the rich and famous can do, we can all help one another regardless of economic or social status. Just offer a helping hand to a neighbour in need for example. We are al invisible men and women but the invisible together can make the change for the better.

Remember that solidarity is horizontal not vertical like charity. Charity goes from the top to the bottom. I leave you all with the wise words of the wonderful Eduardo Galeano,

I don't believe in charity. I believe in solidarity. Charity is so vertical. It goes from the top to the bottom. Solidarity is horizontal. It respects the other person. I have a lot to learn from other people.

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