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After Attacks On Elderly Asian Residents, S.F. Police Steps Up Patrols In Asian Communities

Amancay Tapia

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San Francisco Police have increased the number of patrols in mainly Asian neighbourhoods, amid a series of violent physical attacks on Asian residents in the city.

San Francisco Police said on an announcement via their Twitter account:

We are coordinating with our federal partners and local AAPI community organizations and stepping up our patrols in predominantly Asian neighborhoods. As you may know, the San Francisco Bay Area has been seeing an alarming spike in brazen anti-Asian violence in recent weeks

The latest attack happened yesterday morning on the corner of Market and 7th street in San Francisco, a homeless man who was inmediately arrested by the police, violently punched a 75-year-old woman and an 83-year-old man for no reason.

The city has seen a rise in hate crimes against the elderly Asian community, on Monday, 59 year-old Danilo You Chang, a travel agent on his first day back at work after the pandemic, was attacked near 3rd and Market street. He is so devastated and shocked that he is planning on leaving San Francisco. Polcie have confirmed that they have now arrested a 32-year-old man in connection with the attack even though they haven’t yet confirmed if the attack was racially motivated.

The aggression on Mr Danilo You Chang, happened just a few days after a surveillance video surfaced of a 67-year-old Asian man, attacked by three people in a laundromat on the Nob Hill/ Chinatown border around 10 p.m. on Feb. 23.The robbers took several hundred dollars violently from the victim.

San Francisco Police announced Wednesday that three arrests were made in relation to this attack. The suspects have been identified as 19-year-old Calvin Berschell, 19-year-old Jason Orozco, and 19-year-old Nolowde Beshears, all Antioch residents.

The city has also seen a rise in burglary’s; between January and March 2021 , there has been almost 1,700 reported burglaries compared with 1,100 cases this time last year.

In Adams Point, a residential area near Lake Merritt, 75-year-old Pak Ho, an immigrant from Hong Kong, died from brain injuries after a robber punched him during a morning walk on March 11.Police arrested 26-year-old Teaunte Bailey in connection with the robbery and said that he had a history of victimizing elderly Asian people.

Mayor London Breed said via Twitter regarding the recent arrests of the attackers;

"I want to thank Chief Scott and the San Francisco Police for their work to keep our communities safe and hold those who commit violence of any kind, in any of our neighborhoods, accountable for their actions. It bears repeating: we will not tolerate violence and we will hold people accountable".

She was also in charge of asking the SFPD to increase patrols in areas with a high number of Asian residents.

She said; "More long-term efforts will also be announced shortly. No one should have to live in fear that their race or ethnicity could make them a victim"

The San Francisco violent attacks are of serious concern after the massacre on Tuesday, where a man killed eight people at massage parlours in Atlanta, Georgia. Authorities have not linked the killing with anti-Asian hate crime or confirmed yet whether the attack was radically motivated despite the fact that six Asian women were killed.

However, many in the Asian American community believe the shooting is another senseless attack against Asians linked to rhetoric blaming Asian people for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The advocacy group Stop AAPI Hate, which tracks attacks on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders acknowledged a motive for the Atlanta shooting was unclear, but they recognise that hate against Asian American Pacific Islander communities has risen during the pandemic .The coalition says that “it has received at least 3,795 firsthand complaints of racism and discrimination against Asian Americans in the last year.”

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