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We were recently at my folks’ house for dinner and my Dad wanted a glass of wine. Not a wine drinker, I am not particularly skilled with cork removal. I was slightly concerned when my fifteen year old offered her expertise in this skill. Turns out in her former life, she offered service with a smile wine delivery to her Step Mom on a regular basis as she soaked for hours in the tub.

This was not a singular lesson in body parts. At home, clothes were pretty much only for when guests and visitors were present; Step Mom preferred lounging in the buff. She was also apparently an at home dance instructor and once offered complimentary naked twerking lessons to her eight year old daughter with leg perched up on a coffee table; just a bit awkward.

More lessons pertaining to adult education and human reproduction came by way of sexting. Step Mom had all types of friends, male and female, who frequently exchanged fun pics. On one occasion that came in the form of a picture sent to her Dad’s phone of Step Mom and one of her “friends” having some "fun" in a variety of inappropriate positions. You can only imagine the excitement that ensued when that came through.

Fortunately, modesty is the route that my girl has since opted for. Since the day she arrived at eleven years old, I have always allowed her the privacy she needs to feel comfortable. I suppose given the choice, I prefer her offering bottle opening techniques to twerking lessons when at social gatherings.
Drawing by Alyza LeBlanc

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