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According to my daughter, her first driving lessons resulted from the regular occurrence of running out of gas. She would be placed in the driver’s seat to steer the vehicle while the car was pushed by the adult. I’m not certain if the gauge malfunctioned or if they just perpetually ran it down to the limit (my guess would be the latter). Either way, she received some early navigational training so perhaps she will be a premiere parallel parker, unlike me.

Lesson number two took place after she moved out of her family home and realized car accidents aren’t typically a weekly occurrence. I imagine the combination of substance abuse and bad eye sight may have played a part in the frequency of bumper cars taking place in her world. No surprise that when we venture to amusement parks, she has never asked to ride the bumper cars – perhaps she had her fill early on.

My girl secured her drivers 'permit this year. Most recently, I gave her the ultimate challenge – driving in a Walmart parking lot. Now in her previous life, driving almost anywhere and especially in a Walmart parking lot would result in a stream of profanities, most certainly the international peace sign and if her adult driver was feeling quite spirited, the car who instigated the infraction might receive a free soda catapulted from the window.

Our driving lessons have been quite entertaining as well, yet a bit less confrontational. My kiddo frequently has full length conversations with the drivers in the surrounding area of our car although they can't hear her. Thankfully she's learned how to communicate less the cursing, the middle finger and she reserves any beverages for when she is thirsty.
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