Virtual School is robbing our kids of beloved SNOW DAYS

Alyza LeBlanc

When I was a kid, we always looked forward to that joyous experience of the massive snow storm that resulted in a surprise day off school. I have fond memories of going to sleep praying the forecasters got it right and I'd wake up to snow leveled up to my window and waking up to my parents sharing the good news that school was called off for the day. It was one of the few times we gladly bundled up in the full attire of wool socks, thermals, boots, hats, mittens and even the full body snowsuit to go play in the snow.

I grew up in midwest where this was a guaranteed event at least once a year. We would quickly work on the obligatory shoveling of driveways and sidewalks so we could get to the real fun of building snowmen and igloo forts or sledding and snowball fights. These days were extra special because they were a bonus unlike a scheduled day off school. We would spend the day from dawn to dusk outside, then come home exhausted to a fire to warm up to, food for our bellies and a hot cocoa.

As parts of the country who don't typically receive unprecedented snow storms, rather than experiencing the thrill of a snow day, the call instead comes to once again sit the kids in front of the computer for a day of virtual learning. While I appreciate that we don't have to worry about kids in buses on icy roads, I am sad it results in more electronic time (which most kids have more than enough of) rather than a day of fun and exercise.

I'd much prefer my child to get out from behind the screen and get some exercise, practice teamwork by clearing a sidewalk, a geometry lesson building a snowman, perform a community service by shoveling for a neighbor. There are plenty of good life skills that good snow day can provide, not to mention the wonderful memories created. BRING BACK THE SNOW DAY!
Alyza LeBlanc

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