Being a Mom is Job One, Dating Will Happen in Time

Alyza LeBlanc

As a single, divorced, solo parent, I will be the first to admit that this role can be exhausting at times. Sure it be lovely to have a partner to share the load, to provide some support and encouragement, or simply offer the option for a brief escape occasionally. However, this journey of doing it alone has been beautiful on many levels:

· I’ve proven that she is worth standing up for

· We have built an unbreakable bond

· Being a parent developed in me a keen self-awareness

· I’ve learned love, patience and forgiveness on a profound level
Alyza LeBlanc

The last few years have taught me how capable I am. I was forced to find inner strength and dig deep, even when I desperately wanted someone else to count on. The experience of parenting and wanting the absolute best in life for her has caused much self-reflection. Identifying insecurities and pain in her forced me to work through pains and insecurities in my own life. Teaching her and showing her forgiveness forced me to look inward to forgive myself and others. Making absolutely certain that she knows she has someone she can trust and count on no matter what has built in me a better sense of self and confidence in love and loyalty.

I am open to the possibility of integrating love and a relationship into my life again. I was absolutely certain my last relationship was “it” and was completely shocked when it abruptly ended, but I am now better equipped than ever before to be a life partner. Not only am I clear on the desired characteristics, I know I deserve and will reciprocate in the most beautiful, passionate, supportive and balanced partnership of my life.

So admittedly, I have no earthly idea how or where to even start. I am not interested in on-line dating, I work full time from my home, travel for business, am a devoted solo parent and honestly a bit of a homebody. I am confident that love will find me when it is meant to and will be well worth the wait. In the meantime life is good, I am grateful and blessed.

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