Achieving the Dream...Luck, Labor or A Journey of Passion


Have you considered going into business for yourself or inventing something that could change the world? In researching the stories of a wide variety of successful businesses, the highs and lows leading to eventual achievement, you see a common thread no matter the business or the invention.

The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the courage to act. Here are a few key things to keep in mind if you desire to pave your own way.

1. When the ideas come, don’t dismiss them. Daily we see opportunities, how things might function differently, a task that could be performed more efficiently or has not yet been addressed. Inventors are those individuals who don’t brush ideas away instantly, rather open the channel to creative flow in that moment. The key is giving those ideas a genuine opportunity to become. There will be ideas not worth pursuing, but elimination should only come after investigation.

2. Don’t be intimidated by the lack of knowledge or technical expertise. Those who succeed are undeterred in their belief that their idea has value and the world can benefit from their offering. They determine that the elements required to achieve their goal can be learned, developed or outsourced but will let nothing will stand in their way. One must be able to evaluate their strengths, yet be humble enough to identify the areas where outside help will be required.

3. Being resourceful is critical. Some of the most inspiring stories are of those with little means that despite a lack of resources plunged forward. Unwavering faith and confidence is the distinguishing characteristic here. The individuals who have succeeded starting out with no funds have been those who found other avenues to secure the required resources. Some convinced friends and family to invest in them, others sought outside investors, others used internet funding pages or peddled their goods on the street. The point is dedication to the cause must match dedication to the process.

4. Willingness to step outside your comfort zone. The truth is that while I believe we are all capable of bringing something valuable to the table, the process can be painful. The idea of being an inventor or entrepreneur sounds appealing, but fear can be paralyzing for many. Most individuals are content with security. To reach the goal, you must be willing to step out of fear, to be stretched, and be willing to endure roadblocks and failure yet press on.

Is it luck or labor that separates the dreamers from the achievers? While I wouldn’t term it “luck”, I would say that being completely open to identifying the opportunity is critical. If you are closed off to seeing the doors opening in front of you, the choice to walk through them will never be presented.

Second, is simply having the guts to go for it, having total commitment and belief, letting no barrier stand in your way. Labor for the cause will absolutely be a requirement, but with every scary step there is a euphoria when you crest the top of the mountain. There is freedom in pursuing your purpose, so if you are on the right path, it's a labor of love rather than just labor. When you have passion for the purpose you find joy in the journey.
Susann Mitton

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