Imperfection Is Beauty

Eye See YouDrawing by Alyza LeBlanc (14)

When Alyza and I started working on our book (DRAW YOUR HAPPY), the first concern she voiced was that once the book was released her art would be out there forever. While she is proud of the progress she has made, it is clear she is still learning, trying new things and developing her skills. Alyza was afraid that at some point she would look back at this book and no longer be proud of the art contained within.

I immediately thought about how easy we are to critique and hold ourselves at impossible standards. Truthfully, if she were to wait until reaching “perfection”, she would never share her gifts with the world. First, I don’t believe we ever achieve perfection, whatever that definition might be. Second, the beauty is in the imperfection. We watch The Voice on a regular basis. If you pay attention, it is the nuances of the competitors, the unique break in someone’s voice, a specific tone that catch the attention of the judges. It is the imperfections, even when appreciating great works of art. We must recognize beauty in being able to embrace imperfection because these are the most vulnerable and genuine pieces of us. I’d rather look at our imperfections as our unique signature, the secret sauce and that special characteristic that no one can duplicate.

We are unable to see how far we’ve come and how much we have improved if we don’t occasionally assess where we started. At the beginning of the pandemic Alyza and I did a variety of art, painting, and photography projects. One day we decided to watch a YouTube video to learn how to draw an eyeball, so we both started by each drawing an eyeball, we then watched the video and drew along with the instructor. I do not have the artistic abilities of Alyza, so while her improvement was phenomenal as expected, we were both amazed at the improvement I had made. Had we not started with drawing the eyeball pre-instruction, we would not have been able to see the vast improvement made as a result of watching the video.

The purpose of the book was to open a path for other kids to use art as an outlet for expression as Alyza has for many years. While we wanted to share her artistic abilities, it was also important that the content felt accessible to children of all capability levels. Perfection should never be our end goal. Instead leave your mark, give back, create something that lifts you. Perfection is impossible to reach, authenticity is not.

Alyza may look back at this book years from now and pick out things she would do differently but she will forever have a reference point to see how much she has progressed. More importantly she has an authentic creation that will leave a mark on many.

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