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Stop doing these for a happier, fuller life.
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Each new day marks a fresh start. You have the opportunity to inch closer towards your lofty goals, whatever they might be.

At the start of each new year specifically, one of the most popular resolutions people make is to “get fit. More often than not, these fitness goals tend to emphasize physical health rather than mental health.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to get in better shape, whether that means commiting to a daily workout routine or focusing on eating a more balanced diet.

However, it is just as important to dial in on your mental health. Mental and physical health go hand in hand, and there are a few habits that tend to impact both in a negative way.

The following are five bad habits we all should aim to quit this year for improved mental and physical health.

Falling Into a Pattern of Waste

Waste is a broad term that encompasses a number of poor practices. The two types of waste I’m referring to here are financial and material item waste (which sort of tie into each other).

In today’s society, it’s incredibly easy to always be focused on climbing the ladder of success so that you can “upgrade” your lifestyle. In reality, those material goods almost never bring people the happiness that they expect.

Sure, it’s thrilling to purchase that brand new computer or designer jacket initially. However, that newness wears off very quickly. What is often left behind is buyer’s remorse, empty pockets, and unnecessary stress.

The Takeaway: Aim to save and invest more, spend less, and reduce your overall waste.

Following These Individuals

Wanting to fit in with the crowd is a feeling I know all to well. In high school, all I wanted to do was blend in with my peers. Now, I’m much happier being my true, authentic self.

I have huge passions for the environment and animal ethics. I love to write, journal, and create video content. I follow a whole foods, plant based, vegan diet. I prefer to shop at thrift stores for clothing because it’s more sustainable.

Many of the things about me that are perceived as weird or unusual by others, like not eating meat and dairy, are the very attributes that make me who I am.

The Takeaway: Burying your passions to blend in with the crowd will only leave you dissatisfied with your life. Be yourself and lean into the things that bring you joy.

Putting Yourself Second

Sometimes, putting yourself first can feel selfish. For example, taking 30 minutes out of the day to exercise might seem like a waste of time that you simply don’t have. In reality, you can’t be the best version of yourself if you are always putting everyone else first.

Without my daily morning workout, I am not able to function optimally. My mood, productivity, cognitive abilities, confidence, etc., all take a hit.

Similarly, I sip on a cup of coffee while writing for an hour in silence each and every morning because I know that doing so will help me succeed.

The Takeaway: Engage in daily habits that will help you become the best version of yourself for you and the people you love.

Questioning This

Imposter syndrome is something I still struggle with immensely. I have been writing online for almost two years now, and I still question my capabilities on a regular basis.

I love writing and connecting with others, but a single mean comment can shatter my confidence in just a few seconds.

No matter what you choose to speak on, there is going to be someone who doesn’t agree with your views. And that’s perfectly ok. Everyone has a right to their own opinions, and you can’t let those comments deter you from doing what you love.

The Takeaway: Have confidence in your capabilities and work hard to achieve your goals. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you love, especially yourself.

Feeling Guilty For Self-Care

Self-care is something that I give myself at least ten minutes for each and every night. Usually, it’s closer to 30 minutes.

I enjoy planning, bullet journaling, watching TV, or curling up with a good book during my self-care time. However, keep in mind that self-care looks different for everyone.

The Takeaway: Find something you can do for yourself that adds value to your life. Repeat it each and every night, and don’t feel an ounce of guilt in doing so.

Even positive habits can turn into negative ones if they are taken too far. Obsessing over productivity could lead to burnout. Trying to save every single penny you earn could turn into missed life experiences.

The point is not to remove every single negative thought, emotion, and action from your life. Instead, focus on learning and growing from tough situations so that you will ultimately live a happier, healthier, and fuller life.

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