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Oatmeal not included.

Peanut butter toast with fresh cooked apple pieces.Alyssa Atkinson

I love oatmeal. In fact, I love it so much that I eat it about five times per week. It keeps me fit, fueled, and focused on busy work days.

Those of you who have followed me for quite some time probably know that I’ve written about oatmeal too many times to count.

However, oatmeal is not the only breakfast food out there, and it is also not the only one I eat on a consistent basis. In fact, I love to test out all kinds of new breakfast recipes on the weekends.

Even so, there are a few breakfast staples aside from oatmeal that I have kept in my rotation for years. They help keep me fit, happy, and healthy, so I thought they were worth sharing. Here they are.

This protein powerhouse.

Tofu is a plant based food that packs in a ton of protein. It is also the main base for one of my favorite savory breakfasts that I have been eating for years — tofu scramble.

To make a tofu scramble, you start with a block of firm or extra firm tofu. I like to press as much liquid as possible out of it using a towel. Then, you can cut it up into small cubes and throw it into a pan over low-medium heat with a bit of olive oil.

Add your veggies and spices of choice, and you have the perfect protein packed breakfast. Some of my favorite add-ins include:

  • cherry tomatoes
  • spinach
  • corn
  • chopped zucchini
  • nutritional yeast seasoning
  • turmeric

This millenial favorite.

Avocado toast has been increasingly popularized by millenials as the holy grail of breakfast food. While I wouldn’t call it my favorite breakfast food, I do really enjoy avocado toast on mornings when I’m not super hungry and just want to get a quick source of energy into my body.

If I want something a bit more substantial, I will pan or air fry some tofu and add that on top of my avocado toast. I absolutely love the combination of flavors.

If you prefer to eat a smaller breakfast in the morning, avocado toast could be a great option for some quick fuel in the form of carbs and healthy fat.

This quick and simple energy source.

The third breakfast that I eat consistently is essentially the sweet version of option number two. I absolutely love eating peanut butter banana toast for breakfast.

I will first toast up some bakery fresh sourdough bread. Then, I slather on a generous layer of nut butter, which is usually peanut butter (I will occasionally splurge and buy almond butter or mixed nut butter). Finally, I slice up part of a ripe banana and add that onto my toast along with a dash of cinnamon.

This option is insanely simple, budget friendly, quick, and delicious. It is one of my favorite pre-workout options because the sugar from the fruit and the carbs from the toast provide quick energy.

It was a breakfast staple for me back in college when I ran cross-country and track, and it remains in my rotation today. If you have yet to try the combination, especially with fresh sourdough bread, I urge you to give it a go.

Breakfast is easily my favorite meal of the day, but it’s also my most critical one. Since I usually get up around 5 AM, I rely on that first meal to provide me with the energy I need to function optimally.

No matter what you choose to eat first thing in the morning, make sure that it fills you up, suits your personal needs and preferences, and helps you feel your best.

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