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Consider adding them to your routine.
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There are many ways to measure health. Some might use their ability to lift heavy objects as a determining factor. Others might gauge their health by the capabilities of their cardiovascular system.

Personally, I use strength and speed as indicators of fitness. This is not necessarily synonymous with health. I’m not implying that regular movement does not contribute to your overall health, because it most certainly does. I simply mean that “fit” does not necessarily equate to healthy.

In reality, the healthiest people in the world are those who live a life of balance. They are both healthy and fit, but they also have full, happy lives.The following are some of the top traits of the world’s healthiest individuals. Hopefully, you can apply a few (or all) of them to your own life in some capacity.

They drink this much water.

You might see gym buffs guzzling gallon jugs of water daily, but the daily minimum recommendation is actually quite a bit less than that.

Regardless, proper hydration is a daily habit of the world’s healthiest individuals that you’ll definitely want to consider adopting, as even mild dehydration can prevent you from feeling your best.

It is recommended that you drink about two liters of water per day, but I find that I need even more when I work out in hot and/or humid weather.

They fill their plate with these foods.

The healthiest people in the world understand how crucial of a role vegetables play in a person’s diet. They make an effort to create colorful meals packed with plant based nutrients.

The takeaway here is to add vegetables to your meals whenever you can.Even if you are making a pasta dish, try throwing in some sautéed spinach, mushrooms, or zucchini. Your body will thank you for the additional nutrients you provide it.

They do this for 30 minutes.

If you didn’t see this one coming, I have to say I am a little surprised. It is no secret that moving your body daily offers a variety of benefits, both mental and physical.

If going for a 30 minute run sounds daunting, start with a gentle walk, swim, or bike ride. Find the form of movement that brings you the most joy, then get into the habit of doing it consistently. Work your way up to 30 minutes daily, and your overall health will receive a serious boost.

They keep this at bay.

Most of us lead incredibly busy lives, which often coincides with a pile up of stress that can be difficult to shake.

Some methods I use to reduce stress in my own daily life include reading, running, making lists, and planning ahead so that I don’t feel as overwhelmed.

The most important takeaway here is not to try and avoid stress altogether (that’s practically impossible). Instead, find a few hobbies that can help you release that stress so it doesn’t build up and negatively impact your life.

They prioritize these.

Prioritizing family and strong social relationships might not seem like it could possibly impact your physical health.

Having people to lean on and confide in during the toughest moments can make you feel less alone. Similarly, celebrating your greatest successes with those you love is one of life’s greatest gifts.

The relationships you build will impact your overall happiness, health, and longevity, so take a lesson from the world’s healthiest individuals and make sure you don’t neglect them.

The journey to greater health and fitness is a lifelong endeavor. There is no finish line, and your motivation will ebb and flow. Thus, it is important that you do not rush the process. Make small, gradual shifts to better health, focus on one day at a time, and live a balanced life.

If you can do these things, you will not only work your way towards improved health, but also find greater happiness along the way.

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