Early Morning Routine for Chilly Winter Days

Alyssa Atkinson

It consists of 5 easy steps.

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Every single month, new morning routines are popping up in many forms on all kinds of different platforms. Some are written in articles or blog posts while others are shown through video format.

These kinds of posts are insanely popular, and for good reason. I’m a firm believer in the idea that a good morning routine sets the entire tone for the day ahead.

I tweak my own morning routine ever so slightly on a weekly basis. This is why I write an article about my own morning routine practically every month.

Recently, I was reflecting on the changes I’ve made to my morning routine over the years. There have actually been quite a lot, but a few key practices have remained the same.

These practices have kept me healthy, both mentally and physically, for years, so I figured they were worth sharing. Here they are.

I make my bed.

This one may seem completely obvious, but I didn’t actually start doing it consistently until I went to college.

In my mind, it always seemed like a waste of time. Why make your bed when you’re simply going to mess it up again at the end of the night?

Well, when I finally decided to give making my bed a chance, I quickly realized the value in it.

Making your bed first thing in the morning does two very important things. First, it adds immediate structure into your daily routine. From there, you can get started with all your other tasks. Second, it gives you an easy win.

Making the bed in the morning might seem like a silly, meaningless task, but I find it to be extremely helpful in getting my day started. That is why it has been a consistent part of my morning routine for years now.

I drink this beverage.

If you’ve read even a handful of my articles, then you have probably gathered that I really love coffee. However, this hasn’t always been the case.

I never tried drinking coffee until I got to college. From there, I was hooked. I used to sweeten it, but now I prefer it black with just a splash of almond milk.

Ever since I started having coffee first thing in the morning, it became an integral part of my morning routine. I have probably been doing it for about five years straight now, and I don’t plan on stopping.

While caffeine might not be for everyone, I find that a good cup of coffee helps me get excited to wake up and get to work each and every morning.

I complete a tough task.

Some people might fight me on this one, but I am a firm believer in it. There is no better time to accomplish a difficult task than when your mind is fresh.

Every single day, I tackle my most difficult task first thing in the morning, after a good night’s sleep. I started doing this in college with my schoolwork, and it is a practice I have continued to follow for years now.

I find that not only is my mind firing best when it is fresh, but also that accomplishing a difficult problem gives me confidence to get through the rest of the day.

Knowing that I have finished the most difficult part of my work day bright and early decreases my stress and serves as a reminder that I can complete anything else that comes my way. This is the third crucial part of my morning routine that has remained constant for years.

I move my body.

I have tried working out in both the morning and evening, but I always seem to revert to exercising in the morning. There’s something about getting my blood pumping early that sets a positive tone for the entire day.

Plus, by getting my workout out of the way early, I’m far less likely to skip it or make the excuse that I’m too busy to get it in.

Exercise has many positive mental and physical health benefits, but the ones I notice almost immediately after I finish my daily run are an improved mood, a positive mindset, a desire to eat well, and an eagerness to be productive.

I get ready for the day.

Again, this step might seem obvious, but that doesn’t make it less effective. Getting showered and ready for the day makes me feel instantly more productive, and I think many of you would agree.

I know some people who prefer to do their hair, makeup, and dress up every single day, regardless of whether they are actually going into the office. I personally find that I’m most productive when I’m comfortable, so I like to wear more casual clothes when possible.

Still, I think it’s important to get ready for the day and physically go to another location (even if that location is your tiny desk positioned only five feet away from your bed). This helps establish a disconnect between your workspace and your living space.

Everyone single person’s morning routine is uniquly crafted to cater to their own lifestyle, preferences, and habits. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt certain aspects of someone else’s routine in order to improve your own.

Ultimately, the best routines are the ones that come naturally, help you stay productive, and are flexible enough to allow you to change and grow.

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