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Three of the best paying jobs in Raleigh right now

Alyssa Atkinson

Top positions in the Research Triangle area.


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It is no secret that finding work can be difficult, especially right now when companies have just started to hire back employees after the 2019 - 2020 shutdowns.

The job application process can be extremely difficult and frustrating. It often takes a lot of time, patience, and persistence to finally land a job. Even when you do, it may or may not be exactly what you are looking for.

Common concerns when it comes to getting a job include the location, hours, and of course, the pay (whether it be hourly or salaried). Everyone needs money to live. If your job doesn't pay well enough or it offers no benefits in terms of healthcare, it can be very difficult to get by.

In order to live a high quality of life, everyone needs enough money to afford the essentials, and preferably have some extra that they can save and/or invest.

While higher paying jobs tend to be more competitive, it isn't exactly common knowledge which jobs are the absolute highest paying. In this post, I will discuss three of the highest paying jobs in Raleigh right now. Hopefully, it will give you some insight into what kinds of jobs are paying well at this moment in time.

1. General Dentists

When was the last time you got your teeth cleaned? Odds are, it was probably within the last year or two. Many people head to the dentist multiple times each year, and we all know how expensive each visit can be.

As it turns out, general dentists are paid quite well in Raleigh, North Carolina, with an average annual salary of $221,480. Among all metros, they are the 39th highest paid. This profession obviously requires immense schooling, but if you do end up going to dental school and landing a job in Raleigh, you can expect to be paid well into the six-figures range based on recent data.

2. Architectural and Engineering Managers

There is no doubt that engineering managers are paid quite well in the Raleigh-Cary area of North Carolina. As of 2019, the average annual salary for this position was about $140,6304. Furthermore, this profession experienced a 4.42% growth over the previous year.

Demand for STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) field jobs has increased rapidly in recent years with the major technological advancements we have made as a society, so it is no surprised that architectural/engineering managers are being paid well into the six-figure range in the Research Triangle area.

3. Marketing Managers

Marketing is a field that is very high in demand, especially in today's technological world where you can now market in many different ways. There is social media marketing, digital marketing, TV marketing, and so much more.

In Raleigh, North Carolina, those who have made their way up the totem pole to the marketing manager position are paid quite well. In fact, the annual mean salary for a marketing manager in Raleigh is about $150,520. This makes them the 40th highest paid among all metros.

If you are interested in marketing, this may be a career field worth pursuing, especially if you would like to get into the tech side of marketing where there is a lot of potential for future growth.

Job titles and salaries are always subject to change. However, there is no doubt that technology will only continue to grow in the near future. That means there will be more openings in the tech world, and it is definitely a field to consider getting into. Aside from tech, medicine/health fields offer opportunities for high salaries as well. Just keep in mind that these kinds of jobs often require many years of schooling.

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