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Insanely Cool Restaurant With Rainbow Floor Set To Open This Summer

Alyssa Atkinson

Get the details of the Raleigh, NC, restaurant in this post.


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If you think about the most memorable restuarants you have visited, what do they all have in common? Was the service excellent? Were the staff members kind and accommodating? Probably all of the above.

But for me personally, the most memorable restaurants I visited as a child were the ones that had unique atmospheres and decorations. I remember how cool it was to dine at The Rainforest Cafe, simply because I was surrounded by a jungle atmosphere with all kinds of Rainforest animals.

I remember dining at the Hard Rock Cafe and thinking how cool it was to be surrounded by all kinds of decorations, and of course, have rock and roll music playing throughout the duration of my dining experience.

While the atmosphere may not be the most important part of a dining experience for you, I think everyone would agree that it is part of your overall dining experience, even if it a smaller part than, for example, the food itself.

So, when I heard about a restaurant with rainbow flooring that is set to open in Raleigh, North Carolina, this summer, I knew I just had to write a post about it. I'm going to discuss what I know so far, along with some of the cool features you can expect from this highly anticipated restaurant.

About The Restaurant

The restaurant with rainbow flooring that will be opening in Raleigh later this summer is called The Rainbow Luncheonette. On their Instagram, they describe their location as "a short order country style open kitchen."

The Rainbow Luncheonette will have 23 seats and will be located on 911 N West St. It is set to open in early summer of 2021.

Visit Raleigh describes The Rainbow Luncheonette as:

"An old-school lunch counter with a vibrant flair, this short-order restaurant is planned for downtown Raleigh's Rainbow Building (the home of Rainbow Upholstery and Furniture Company for 36 years, now home to a number of tenants including the incredible Layered Croissanterie). The 23-seat restaurant is expected to be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and boast a diner-like menu that doesn't disappoint."

Essentially, The Rainbow Luncheonette will open in downtown Raleigh and feature a ton of color. The atmosphere should be unique, fun, and exciting. They will feature various menu items for all three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), so I get the feeling it isn't going to be one of those cafe style restaurants that is only open during the morning hours.

Final Thoughts

A unique restaurant with rainbow flooring and that classic diner feel sounds like a pretty cool experience. I think many people are looking forward to checking it out. If you are also excited about The Rainbow Luncheonette, you fortunately won't have to wait much longer. This restaurant will be opening soon, so hopefully you'll get the chance to go if it sounds like a place you might enjoy.

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