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Aldi Raleigh Grocery Deals Through June 22

Alyssa Atkinson

Some of the deals of the week you should know about.

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Just as we have reached the halfway point for June, we have also crossed over the halfway point in the week. By this point, you guys all know what that means - there are new Aldi grocery deals for the week.

While I certainly am always excited to reach the halfway point in the work week, I also enjoy looking at the new grocery ads. I feel a sense of accomplishment in learning what the weekly deals are and strategically planning my meals and grocery list in order to get the most food for my money.

Most importantly, I want to eat healthy while staying on a budget. Watching the ads closely and doing a bit of prep work truly does help me stay within my tight grocery budget while eating a healthy, vegan, plant-based diet.

Whether you have a tight grocery budget or just enjoy reading about some of the weekly deals to save yourself some money, this article is definitely for you.

If you are planning on heading over to Aldi this week, the following are a few produce deals you should know about. These deals are good from now through June 22, 2021. The ad changes each Wednesday, so if any of these deals interest you, make sure to head over to Aldi in Raleigh, North Carolina, before the deals changes.

Now, let's go ahead and take a look at some of this week's Aldi savers deals.

1. This Chilled Treat

This week at Aldi, red grapes are on sale for just 75 cents per pound. I believe this deal was good last week as well. Either way, it's a great one to be aware of.

I love eating grapes in the summer. They are super refreshing and hydrating. Plus, you can chill them in the freezer and then pull them out later to enjoy a healthy, sweet, chilled treat. If you have yet to try this food hack, you definitely should. While it isn't for everyone, I personally love chilled grapes.

No matter how you enjoy eating them, 75 cents per pound of grapes is truly a great price, so this Aldi savers deal is one you should know about.

2. This California Fruit

This week at Aldi, California strawberries are just $1.49 per pound. I think you guys know that I like to report on a mix of fruits and vegetables in these posts typically, but it appears that Aldi has a lot of good deals on fruit this week, so I'm just going to roll with it. I hope that's ok.

Anyways, one pound of strawberries for just $1.49 is an awesome deal. I love eating strawberries in the summer, especially after they have chilled in the refrigerator. If you love strawberries as well, don't forget to check out this deal at Aldi this week.

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3. This Summer Favorite

In the summer, I find myself gravitating towards tropical fruits like mango, kiwi, and of course, pineapple. If you too enjoy these kinds of sweet fruits, specifically pineapple, then you are in luck.

This week at Aldi, fresh pineapples are just $1.49 each. This is an awesome deal, and as long as you don't mind cutting it up, it is definitely worth the price.

If you find yourself at Aldi this week, don't forget to check out the fresh pineapples. You could even make a dessert using it, such as a vegan pineapple upside down cake!

Final Thoughts

I hope you guys find these weekly grocery deal rundown posts helpful. I know not everyone enjoys meal planning and grocery shopping as much as I do, but I think that they are valuable skills to have in order to save money on food and in other areas of life.

If you did enjoy this post, that's good news, because I plan to continue to do them each week. So, stay tuned next week for some more Aldi savers produce deals. Until then, I hope you guys have an incredible week and happy grocery shopping!

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