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Food Lion Raleigh Grocery Deals Through June 15

Alyssa Atkinson

These are some of the food deals in this week's Food Lion ad.

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Does Wednesday mean anything special to you? My guess is, it probably doesn't. It is a random day that occurs partway through the work week. Other than signifying that your over the hump, and over halfway through the standard work week by the end of Wednesday, there isn't a whole lot else special about Wednesdays in general. Or is there?

I don't know if I would call the weekly grocery ad change *special*, but I would call it a reminder that it is, indeed, Wednesday. I always know that when Wednesday rolls aroud, the grocery ads for the stores I shop at most often in Raleigh, including Food Lion and Aldi, will change.

This is something you may or may not have been previously aware of. For me personally, I try to stay on a super tight grocery budget, and one of the ways I am able to do so is by checking out the ad each week so that I know what is on sale before I head to the grocery store.

I also like to make my weekly grocery list before I head out so that I avoid purchasing items I don't need, and don't forget anything that I do need for the week. I'm very busy during the week most of the time, so I can't waste time, money, and energy rushing out to pick up things that I forgot to grab while I was at the store.

If you are similar in that you like to plan in advance and scout out the deals before you head to the store, then read on to see a few of the items on sale this week at Food Lion in Raleigh, North Carolina.

1. This Sweet Summer Fruit

This week at Food Lion, strawberries are on sale for 3/$5 for a one pound container. That means they will cost you under $2 per container. This is one of the MVP hot sale items you don't want to miss.

I personally love making smoothies in the hot summer months because they are incredibly refreshing and packed with nutrients. Just yesterday, I made a smoothie with frozen strawberries and frozen zucchini.

It's also super easy to cut and freeze your own fruit for smoothies, so I might have to stock up this week while they are on sale. If you enjoy fresh strawberries as well, definitely check out this deal at Food Lion through June 15, 2021.

2. This Crunchy Vegetable

If you are a fan of celery, then you are in luck. This week at Food Lion, you can get a bunch of celery for just 99 cents as part of the Food Lion hot sale MVP deals. I personally do not enjoy celery unless it is used to make one very specific snack - ants on a log.

If you have not heard of ants on a log before, it is essentially when you take celery stalks and spread them with peanut butter. Then, you top them off with raisins. It adds natural, sweet flavor, and you get that nice crunch from the celery.

I know some people love to use celery for smoothies or juices as well. So, if you use celery often, definitely check out this deal through June 15, 2021 at Food Lion.

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3. This Raleigh Summer Salad Staple

I don't know about you guys, but I have been having loaded salad bowls for lunch a lot recently, especially on busy work days. One of my favorite foods to top my salads off with is avocado.

Luckily, this week at Food Lion, hass avocados are on sale for 79 cents each. So, if you like avocados as much as I do, you definitely want to check this MVP hot sale deal out.

Final Thoughts

Food Lion is definitely one of my favorite grocery stores to shop at. They almost always have everything I need, their prices are reasonable, and they have special deals for MVP card holders. Their weekly ad offers plenty of grocery deals, and I find that I can save a good amount of money just by shopping the ad and planning ahead.

If you are looking for some deals, especially on ingredients like fresh produce, you might want to check out Food Lion.

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