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Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre Offering $10 Double Feature Nights

Alyssa Atkinson

Here are the details you need to know.

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As summer is upon us, many people are now looking for activities to do outdoors. While there are a huge plethora of options to check out, some of them can get repetitive if you do them over and over again.

Throughout this month, I have discussed many outdoor events going on in North Carolina, and more specifically, Raleigh. I have talked about yoga at the park, morning and evening fitness classes, hiking, biking, running, museums, farmer's markets, and more.

However, one specific activity which I have not talked about extensively is the Outdoor Theatre in Raleigh which is offering $10 tickets. This drive-in movie theatre is quite a unique activity that many people can enjoy, so let's dive into all the details you should know before you go.

Logistics, Cost, Ticket Info

Let's start off with the first important piece of information - ticket information and cost. The Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre offers various ticket prices depending on age, which are as follows:

Double Feature Nights:

  • Adult (12 & older): $10.00
  • Child (ages 3-11): $7.00
  • under 3: FREE 

On double feature nights, you can stay for one movie and leave when you are done, or enjoy both movies. It is really up to you. Obviously, staying for both movies will help you get the most out of your ticket, but if you are only interested in one of the movies being shown, you can come for just that movie.

Also, you can purchase tickets online. However, if you do so, you should know that:

"Admittance into the theatre will be guaranteed up to 1 hour before movie start times on Fridays and Saturdays. If all are parking spots are taken (sell out) then you will have to park your vehicle on our front lawn outside the theatre and walk in to enjoy the movies."

Essentially, if you buy tickets online, you need to commit to coming one hour beforehand to make sure you get a parking spot. Otherwise, you need to be ok with walking to the movie rather than driving in.

Hours and Movies

The theatre is open Thursday - Sunday throughout the year, and the opening times are as follows:

  • Thursday: 7 PM
  • Friday: 6 PM
  • Saturday: 6 PM
  • Sunday: 7 PM

I also wanted to note that the movies playing on June 2 - June 3 are A Quite Place 2 (which is showing at 8:45 PM) and World War Z (which is showing at 10:45 PM). These movies are both rated PG-13.

Obviously, movies rotate in and out, so you can check the website to stay up to date on which movies are showing on which days. Finally, just to give you a bit of background about Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre,

"Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre is one of only 6 drive in theatres left in operation in North Carolina."

While drive-in theaters aren't as common as they used to be, they are still a unique, fun, and exciting experience, especially if you haven't visited one before (or in quite some time).

Buy your tickets, grab your snacks, and you will be in for an evening treat including a movie (or two) under the stars.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Final Thoughts

Going to the movies, specifically the drive-in movies, can be an exciting and fun activity to do during the week or on the weekend. The Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre offers budget friendly ticket prices and double feature specials, which makes it the perfect spot to check out if you have yet to do so.

For all the movie buffs out there, this could be the perfect activity for you to check out on a warm evening. You can enjoy a movie under the stars with friends or family.


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