The 3 Best Things About Living in Raleigh (May 2021)

Alyssa Atkinson

What the beautiful state of North Carolina has to offer.
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North Carolina is an incredible state. While I didn't grow up here, it quickly felt like home soon after I moved to the state.

You see, shortly after I was born in California, my family moved to Ohio, and I lived my whole childhood there. Since I also went to college in Ohio, I never really ventured out to other places, except for occasional road trips, vacations, and travel for my college cross-country and track meets.

So, I decided that once I graduated, I would move to another state that I dreamed of living in. Unfortunately, the onset of the coronavirus delayed my plans, but I eventually made it to one of the places I have wanted to live for years - North Carolina.

In this article, I want to share my personal local insights of why I think North Carolina is such a wonderful place to live, and why you might enjoy living here too, especially if you are a millenial like me. While I haven't lived here long, it already feels like home for me!

1. The Weather

You have to understand that I come from the midwest. We have cold, tough winters, plenty of snow, and even ice. While I do enjoy the occasional cozy day in, I have never enjoyed spending prolonged periods of time out in the cold. I knew that once I graduated, I wanted to move somewhere warmer.

I am really happy with the weather in North Carolina. The winters are a bit milder than Ohio, it has been sunny for most of the time I have spent in North Carolina through April and into May, and I really can't complain. I love the sunshine, I can deal with the occasional rain, and even some humidity.

If you are looking for further insights into the weather, this source provides a good depiction for average temperatures throughout the year in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Overall, the weather has been one of my favorite things about North Carolina, and more specifically, Raleigh, North Carolina, thus far.

2. The City Life

I come from a very small town. Naturally, I wanted to experience a bigger city life, and there are a number of larger cities in North Carolina that offer exactly that. I am excited to live in an area with a much larger population, a lot of social interaction, and more things to do in general.

While I wouldn't call myself a "city girl", I think that anyone who is looking for work opportunities, social opportunities, and a lot of things to do could find that in North Carolina.

In just my short time living here, I have already ventured out and seen all kinds of coffee shops, trails, markets, and more. I can't wait to explore even more and experience new adventures.

3. This Atmosphere

The laidback atmosphere in North Carolina cities is unlike other places I have visited. When I went to New York City, everyone was hustling and in a major rush.

In the large cities of North Carolina, like Raleigh, people have places to be and things to see, but there is just this positive, laidback attitude that's really hard to describe unless you have experienced it.

I also love that there is a lot to do outdoors, like hiking trails, visiting public parks, and heading to the farmer's market. As a really active individual, I feel like I already fit in as someone who is relatively new to North Carolina and not born and raised there.
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Final Thoughts

I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had throughout my life. Although I spent most of my childhood in Ohio, I am excited to venture out and experience new places and big cities.

If you have recently graduated college, or you are simply looking for a change as well, research some of the popular millenial hot spots, like the larger cities in North Carolina. You too might find a home in one of them which can bring you joy, happiness, and a new adventure.

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