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3 Popular Must-Try Breakfast Spots in Austin, Texas

Alyssa Atkinson

Some of the top ranked places to grab some grub.

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If I asked you what your absolute favorite meal of the day is, would you say breakfast? I certainly would. Even if breakfast isn't your favorite meal of the day, you probably enjoy some breakfast foods, like pancakes, waffles, or even breakfast burritos.

1. Brunch Bird

You know that when brunch is in the name of the restaurant, there will be plenty of breakfast foods to enjoy. Brunch Bird is a popular breakfast spot in Austin, Texas that has a great rating on Yelp. Some of Brunch Bird's popular menu items include the Early Bird, Farmer John, Lumberjack, and Biscuits and Gravy. They offer a plethora of vegan options that my fellow plant-based people will love. Just to give an example, the Lumberjack is described as:

"Two JUST Egg breakfast patties, 2 Beyond breakfast sausages, 2 slices of bacon, melted American cheese, chipotle aioli, strawberry yuzu jam (Jessie’s Jams) on Easy Tiger Hill Country Sourdough French Toast w side of 100% maple syrup."

They use meat substitutes like Beyond meat, egg subsitutes like JUST Egg, and they don't sacrifice flavor either. This makes Brunch Bird the first Austin, Texas, breakfast joint to check out.

2. Biscuits and Groovy

Biscuits and Groovy is a highly popular food trailer in Austin, Texas. They have vegan biscuits and gravy, other plant-based options and substitutions, and delicious breakfast food in general. It is described that they have:

"Vegan-friendly biscuits and gravy trailer, specializing in biscuits loaded with toppings...Everything on the menu can be made vegan, with tofu scramble, daiya and house-made vegan meats."

If you are looking for a great place with some nice outdoor seating, Biscuits and Groovy might be a good breakfast place for you to check out. It is noted that Biscuits and Groovy is quite popular on the weekends, so you might have to wait a while for your food. Get there early and go in with the expectation that you will have to wait in line.

However, many Austin locals will argue that Biscuits and Groovy is worth the wait. Just make sure you don't show up starving and expecting to be served immediately, as that might be the case. There are many others who love the breakfast joint and also want to get their delicious biscuits.

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3. Counter Culture

Counter Culture in Austin, Texas, is quite a popular breakfast spot. While they are known for a variety of different dishes, their breakfast is highly coveted by many. Veg World Magazine states that:

"This Austin gem is well-loved in the vegan community for many reasons; their support for other local vegan businesses, their unique scratch-made vegan staples like seitan, cashew cheese, and raw cheesecakes."

Some of their breakfast menu favorites include biscuits and hashes. Even if breakfast is not your cup of tea, they have specials like gluten free mac and cheeze. Whether you are looking for a breakfast spot in Ausitn, Texas, or a lunch/dinner delight, Counter Culture may be a place worth checking out.

Final Thoughts

If you are anything like me, and breakfast is your absolute favorite meal of the day, you will definitely want to check places like the ones shared out.

Austin is a fun, exciting, and progressive city that regularly ranks high for millenials to move to after graduating college or high school. It is often described as up and coming, and the restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment, weather, and other great features certainly contribute to that.

Whether you live in Austin or you visit the city in the future when it is safe to travel, don't forget to check out some of the great features Austin, Texas, has to offer.

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