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Why Is Everyone Moving to Austin, Texas?

Alyssa Atkinson

Some of the top reasons for the huge surge.

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If you are a new college graduate or a millenial, you may have noticed that many of your peers are flocking to Austin, Texas. Even if you have a big family, you might have considered moving to Austin yourself.

In recent months, and even recent years, many people have been moving to large cities such as Austin, Texas. This may have puzzled you, and it even surprised me. That is, until I started to do a little bit of research. I now understand why so many people seem to be moving to Austin. The large Texas city actually has a ton to offer, which we will dive into throughout this article.

Essentially, we are going to answer the question that has been on many peoples' minds recently - why is everyone moving to Austin, Texas? And by everyone, I obviously don't mean every single person in the United States. I simply mean that there has been a huge surge in moves to Austin, Texas.

This includes large companies, and most recently, Tesla. In fact,

"For every person who moved to the Bay Area from Austin between April and October, 2.9 people moved in the other direction...Austin has added a record number of jobs so far this year, with tech companies driving a majority of the growth...Musk’s own Tesla gigafactory that he announced he was opening in Austin in July represents the largest tech investment in local talent so far this year, with the plan to hire at least 5,000 people to staff its new facility."

So, without further ado, let's dive into the benefits of moving to Austin, Texas, as well as the top reasons why so many people have been moving into the beautiful city.

1. The Weather

It's no secret that Austin, Texas, has warm weather. While it can get hot and humid at times, most people enjoy the sunshine and typically milder winters. This allows for all kinds of outdoor activities. In fact,

"Thanks to its mild climate, Austin has a wide variety of outdoor activities available too...There are many natural wonders around Austin like the Longhorn Caves or Mount Bonnell. Austin is one of the most active U.S. cities, encouraging residents to get out hiking or biking."

If you are a highly active individual, or simply enjoy warm weather and sunshine, you will probably find that the warm Texas climate is well suited to your desires.

2. The Housing Market

While some large cities are outragously priced in terms of cost to rent or buy, Austin, Texas, is not one of them. Housing costs are on the rise due in part to many peoples' desires to move to the city. However, the prices are still reasonable. It is stated that:

"Though housing prices are on the rise, the Austin housing market is still priced significantly lower than many locations across the U.S. As of early 2017, the median house price in Austin is $289,000 with a 3-year appreciation rate of 25.2%."

Now, $300,000 might seem like a lot of money for a house, but keep in mind that the cost to rent a small one bedroom apartment in some cities can easily cost $3,000 per month (sometimes more), which puts you at $36,000 - $48,000 each and every year. Within six years of owning a home in Austin, you would come out about even (although we are ignoring things like property taxes, the upkeep of owning a home, etc. here, I think you get the idea).

3. The Small Town Feel

Although Austin, Texas, is a large city with many different things to enjoy, like outdoor activities, live music, food trucks, and restaurants, it still has that small town feel and charm that many people seek. Plus, there are opportunities for small businesses to grow and thrive. In fact,

"Street art, local fashion and jewelry designers, art galleries, and studio walks – Austin is a community that values art and working together. In fact, Austin was ranked the number one place in the U.S. to start a business by CNBC in 2016."

So, if you are the entrepreneurial or artsy type, Austin, Texas, might be a good place to put down roots and immerse yourself in the art, fashion, or jewelry industry. Or, if you are just trying to start a small business, Austin, Texas, might be a good fit for you. So, it should definitely be on your list of places to consider before ruling it out completely.

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Final Thoughts

Austin, Texas is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. There are tons of people, budget friendly living spaces, live music, beautiful nature trails, and warm weather.

Ultimately, if you're looking to move to a big city that isn't outrageously priced, Austin, Texas, could be a good option to look into. While each person's needs and desires are individual, Austin, Texas, is a vastly different city than it used to be. Do your research, weight the pros and cons, and figure out which city is right for you.

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