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3 Popular San Francisco Food Stops You Must Try

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Some of the top rated healthy eateries.

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There is one crucial thing that all humans need to survive - food. However, people don't just eat for survival. They eat for pleasure, socializing, health, fuel, energy, and much more. People care about what goes into their bodies, and most of us like to try new things, including the big city goers, like those in San Francisco, California.

When you hit up a big city like San Francsico, California, you are also greeted by a plethora of shopping locations, restaurants, attractions, and other fun activities that you can easily check out. As of right now, these options aren't available to us due to safety concerns and the importance of social distancing.

However, it will eventually be safe to go out and do things like visit a museum or eat at a restaurant. When that time finally comes, those in San Francisco will be in luck, because there are many popular and delicious food options to choose from.

When it comes to the food I eat, I personally like to focus on healthy food most of the time, and I enjoy fun foods once in a while as well. I am vegan, so I don't eat meat, dairy, or other animal products. The following are three popular food spots that you will want to check out when it is finally safe to do so and you are in San Francisco. They come highly rated by many, and they are certainly San Francisco hot spots. Here they are.

1. Check out Vegan Picnic.

Vegan picnic is an insanely popular eatery in San Francisco that features plant-based versions of a variety of popular foods, like burgers, chicken, and even waffles. They also have gluten free options, so no matter what your dietary restrictions may be, there is sure to be anoption for you to check out. Vegan Picnic has a few different locations, and their:

"fully plant-based “vegan comfort food” spot’s Cow Hollow location has temporarily closed, but its Polk spot is open for takeout and delivery. Its menu offers a bounty of mock meat offerings, like fake tri-tip, counterfeit crab cakes, and faux chicken with gluten-free waffles."

This menu is certainly one of the fanciest I have every seen in terms of the types of vegan foods offered, but again, it still has classics that you likely enjoy making at home, such as waffles. It's a very popular plant-based spot in San Francisco, so it is definitely worth checking out.

2. Enjoy the cuisine at Indochine Vegan.

Indochine Vegan is a unique, popular restaurant in San Francisco that comes highly recommended by many. It is described as follows:

"Indochine draws on culinary traditions from across Asia and presents its all-vegan menu in a vibrant Mission District setting. The wide range of choices include over a dozen types of vegetable rolls, as well as many varieties of nigiri, clay pot and noodle offerings."

Some of their menu items include:

  • Teriyaki Vegan Chicken
  • Teriyaki Soy Beef
  • Teriyaki Tofu
  • Orange Sesame Bites
  • Spicy Tofu

If you are a fan of tofu, teriyaki flavored dishes, or spicy sauces, this vegan dining experience might be just the one for you. They offer delivery and takeout currently in order to practice social distancing (just like most restaurants are doing currently).

3. Head to Nourish Cafe.

If you are looking for some healthier plant-based options, Nourish Cafe is certainly worth checking out. They have a fully plant-based menu, and they serve everything from juices to sandwiches. In addition to that,

"Nourish Cafe has two locations in San Francisco: one in the Inner Richmond, and another at 1030 Hyde Street in Nob Hill. Completely plant-based, they serve juice, smoothies, bowls, and sandwiches for breakfast and lunch (the Nob Hill location also offers dinner). Both locations have curbside pickup."

If you are a fan of breakfast foods, this San Francisco, California, eatery might be just what you need, as they do offer a number of awesome breakfast options. It is a highly popular spot in San Francisco, so it is certainly worth checking out the next time you are in the area.

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Final Thoughts

You can't fully explore the city of San Francisco (or any large city for that matter) without leaving your apartment building, house, hotel room, etc.

So, when you finally get the chance to do so safely, check out all of the great things that San Francisco, including the food scene.

Trying new and exciting foods is not only fun, but it's a great way to discover new ideas which will allow you to cook up your own healthy dishes in your kitchen. So, the next time you head to the city of San Francisco, don't forget to check out some of the popular food spots, like the ones shared.

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