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3 Incredible Activities You Can Do in Seattle Right Now

Alyssa Atkinson

Safe and fun places to visit.

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Seattle is a large, exciting city filled with all kinds of views, attractions, and outdoor sites to see. While many people are still staying at home right now, that does not mean that you cannot do some safe outdoor activities and have a lot of fun while you're at it.

If you look hard enough, there are all kinds of outdoor festivities that are socially distanced, safe, and a ton of fun all at the same time. For example, I myself have been leaning into outdoor exercise activities like running, hiking, walking, and biking.

While each city is unique in its own right, many large cities have a lot of things in common such as parks, historical locations, breathtaking views, and places to walk around.

Seattle is no different, and there are a number of outdoor sites that are absolutely worth visiting and that have the space to stay socially distanced and safe at all times. The following three activities that I am about to share are outdoor activities that encompass what the city of Seattle, Washington, has to offer in terms of safe, outdoor activities. Let's dive in and take a look.

1. Pay a visit to Discovery Park.

It is no coincidence that Seattle is called the emerald city. There are plenty of parks and many acres of greenery to enjoy in the city. One famous park that many will telll you is worth visiting is called Discovery Park. Discovery Park is described as a:

"534-acre city park in Magnolia feels like true wilderness, with meadows, beaches, bluffs, mountain views, and tall trees. Stroll the nearly 12 miles of walking trails, or visit the West Point Lighthouse for a postcard-worthy photo op."

Discovery Park is a very well-known park in Seattle, and according to most of the people who visit the park, it truly does live up to its name.

If you are looking for a casual hike through beautiful trails and breathtaking views, discovery park may be exactly what you were looking for. You can snap some beautiful photos, enjoy a slow and lovely walk, and stay safely away from others while you do this outdoor activity.

2. Watch the beautiful Seattle sunset at this location.

Kerry park features a view of the Seattle sunset that marvels that of the Seattle space needle without having to take a trip to that location. You can spread out in the lush greenery, pack a picnic dinner to eat while you watch the beautiful sunset, and avoid going in an enclosed space, which will allow you to say safely socially distanced from others. In fact, it is stated that you can:

"Get all of the views that you’d get if you spent the money to go up the Space Needle, with none of the expense at this iconic Seattle park. Or, if you'd rather share the experience with fewer people, head a few blocks away to the lookout across the street from Parsons Gardens."

So, you can also save money because the park is free to sit out and enjoy the sunset view. Or, if you want a more sparse area, as stated above, you can head to Parsons Gardens and watch the view from out there. For anyone who loves a good sunset, this might be the perfect inexpensive outdoor activity for you.

Photo by Thomas Le on Unsplash

3. Have a picnic at Olympic Sculpture Park.

Olympic sculpture park in Washington is known for its beautiful views. The park makes a perfect setting for a delicious lunch time picnic. While there are food options in the area, you can stay completely socially distanced and safe by packing your own meal.

It is stated that:

"The views from Olympic Sculpture Park are objectively beautiful, but food makes a trip down to the waterfront that much better."

Some ideas for what to bring include:

  • Sandwiches (Avocado and tomato, peanut butter and jelly, vegan grilled cheese)
  • Pasta with marinara sauce and veggies
  • Hummus and crackers, pretzels, or veggies like carrots and peppers
  • Peanut butter and fruit like banana slices or apple slices
  • Fresh fruit like watermelon and grapes
  • Homemade crunchy granola

You could even bring your laptop and watch a movie or TV show while you enjoy the views, sunshine, and open space at the park. Just make sure it is not a rainy day, as Seattle is known to have quite a bit of rain throughout the year.

Either way, a picnic at the park is the perfect option for a socially distanced lunch in a more unique and exciting setting, especially if you choose a park with a beautiful view that is right next to the waterfront.

While I am not a Seattle native, I use this tactic in my own state by taking a bunch of food to my own local park. A picnic at the park is always a good time, especially when you bring your family and stay safely away from others. I love to load up some food, head out with my little sister, and enjoy some snacks while we sit and chat about our work days or whatever else is on our minds. It is peaceful, fun, and of course, the food is absolutely delicious!

Final Thoughts

Like mini big cities, Seattle has a rich history, beautiful views, a lot to do, and all kinds of hustle and bustle in daily life. You do not have to spend every waking moment in your apartment, because there are many outdoor socially distanced activities to enjoy.

I have come to love getting outside of my house for something as simple as a walk or run. I get to enjoy the sunshine, the beautiful views from my own home, and stay completely socially distanced and safe while I am at it. That just makes it all the more fun.

Whether you live in Seattle, a completely different state, or another smaller city in Washington, you can apply some of the same suggestions to your own city, and enjoy the outdoor activities that you have access to in order to stay safe while still enjoying the spring and summer months.

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