The 3 Best Purchases I Made in 2020

Alyssa Atkinson

You might want to consider buying these in 2021.

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve made some dumb purchases throughout my life, including this year. Although, I know I’m not alone in doing so. Everyone spends their money on something, and we all justify it in the moment.

When I was in college, I occasionally bought a $4 specialty coffee drink before class. I always told myself that I didn’t have enough time to make my beverage at home. In reality, I probably spent just as much time in line at the coffee shop as it would have taken me to brew a fresh cup at home for a fraction of the cost.

However, this year has been very different. I have focused on saving the majority of the money that I make each month, and as a result, I haven’t bought much, aside from necessities like food, shampoo, and toothpaste. Many of you have probably saved money as well, even if it was by accident as a result of the closings of restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, etc.

Now, that’s not to say that I didn’t make a few unnecessary purchases here and there, because I certainly did. But, these items turned out to be some of the best purchases I made in all of 2020. In fact, the following three items are ones you might want to consider purchasing yourself.

1. This Electronic Device

After five years of using the 13" MacBook Pro that I bought just before I went off to college in 2015, I finally decided to upgrade to a new MacBook. Technically, this wasn’t a necessity, because my old laptop still works just fine.

However, because of the line of work I’m in (content creation), upgrading to the New MacBook with the M1 chip has already been a huge game changer in the few weeks that I’ve had it. The laptop is faster, it has improved sound quality, and the speakers and microphone are much better overall. I did a full unboxing and overview of the laptop for my YouTube channel, which you can watch here if you’re interested.

I have never been one to buy the latest and greatest technology right when it comes out, but this was an exception that I have no regrets about. It was a business investment that I’m very happy I made.

Even if you don’t work in content creation, you’ll likely still need a laptop for work. This is apparant now more than ever because of today’s work-from-home economy. Stanford News states that an astonishing:

“42 percent of the U.S. labor force [is] now working from home full-time.”

Investing in an up-to-date computer or laptop is crucial to keep up with today’s technologically advanced, work-from-home world. Therefore, it’s a purchase you might want to consider making in 2021.

2. This Key Investment

The most expensive investment I made in 2020 (and arguably the best), was the money I spent sourcing inventory for my online shops.

I bought all sorts of items, including shoes, clothing, and vintage toys and collectibles to name a few. While a few of the items I purchased didn’t turn the profit that I had hoped they would, the majority of the items did make me a decent amount of money.

For example, I bought a pair of Vintage GI Joe Sea Sleds online for only $22 total. To most people, this listing probably looked like old plastic toys that weren’t worth anything. However, because I have dealt in vintage GI Joe’s for over a year now, I knew that they had a lot of value. I jumped on the opportunity and purchased them immediately. I later sold each of them individually and made about $50.

This is just one example, but it goes to show that smart investments can pay off immensely down the road. Therefore, investing in something, whether it be the stock market or your own small business, might be worth considering in 2021.

Plus, there are now simple ways to invest in the stock market, including simple apps you can download right on your phone, so it's easier than ever to invest in the stock market. Of course, investing in anything, and especially the stock market, is a huge financial risk, so it's important to be informed before making any decisions.

3. This Organization Necessity

I purchased a small vertical planner for 2020, and I’ve already purchased a new one for 2021. While this purchase is very inexpensive at about $10 — $15, it is one of the best purchases that I make year after year.

Without my planner, I am a disorganized mess. I quickly realized this when I accidentally left it in my dorm during my first semester of college. I only went a single day without it, and even that was detrimental. When I got home, I couldn’t remember all the assignments I had received.

Plus, a daily planner can help immensely with time management, because it allows you to:

“schedule each event, appointment, errand, and task, so that you know what to expect and don’t run out of time.”

If you are like me and you can’t function without a visual layout of your schedule and to-do list, then a planner will help you stay organized and, in turn, boost work productivity immensely.

Final Thoughts

How you spend your money can have an huge impact on your overall quality of life. Even someone who makes five figures per month will never be able to live comfortably if they blow through it on fancy cars and designer clothing.

Once I got to college and started paying my own bills, I quickly learned how important it was to save some of the money I made each month.

No matter what your financial situation is, it’s always a good idea to have some extra money saved up, and to invest in things with the potential to appreciate in value. In doing so, you will set yourself up for greater financial security later in life.

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