These 4 Things Happen When You Drink Coffee Every Day

Alyssa Atkinson

The surprising mental and physical impacts.

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I still remember the first time I ever had a cup of coffee. I was in my first year of college, staring at my huge to do list of assignments that I had to get done over the weekend.

Many of my friends were obsessed with drinking coffee at the time, and they were constantly raving about how much more productive it made them. So, I figured I would give it a try. After all, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The holidays were just around the corner, and my local grocery store had some seasonal flavored coffees available. I chose peppermint mocha, and promptly returned to my dorm room to brew myself a cup. The first sip tasted extremely bitter, and I wondered if I would be able to finish the drink. But, I added a splash of almond milk and some Truvia (a natural sweetener made from stevia leaf extract), and that did the trick.

Shortly afterwards, I felt a huge boost in motivation to get started on my homework. I cranked out my assignments like a mad woman, and from then on, I was hooked.

I have been drinking at least one cup of coffee almost every day since, and not just because I like the taste. There are actually a number of mental and physical impacts that result from drinking even a single cup of coffee a day. Let’s take a look at some of the most surprising ones.

1. You promote a longer lifespan.

While a cup of coffee is quite simply a delicious smelling, warm bean water, the effects of it are more powerful than you might think. There has actually been a link found between coffee drinkers and a decreased risk of death from a number of deadly killers, including one of the most prominent ones in America - heart disease.

In fact, according to John Hopkins Medicine:

“Recent studies found that coffee drinkers are less likely to die from some of the leading causes of death in women: coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease.”

Thus, making a habit of consuming a cup of coffee a day might help you avoid some of the common killers that lead to early death, and help you live a longer life.

2. You strengthen your DNA.

I am a huge coffee fanatic, so I know a lot of interesting facts about coffee. But, even I was surprised by this one. While DNA strand breakage does occur naturally in the human body, there can be some serious complications when your body does not repair this breakage.

In fact, the breakage can:

“lead to cancer or tumors if not repaired by your cells.”

However, you can use coffee as a weapon to prevent this:

“Dark roast coffee decreases breakage in DNA strands.”

Therefore, the next time you are at the grocery store and you need to pick up a bag of coffee, consider choosing a dark roast for those DNA strengthening properties. It just might give your body a boost.

3. You may combat dementia.

I think many people are aware that coffee can give you a mental boost in the moment. However, there has also been research that shows coffee can have some pretty promising long term impacts on the mind.

In fact, according to John Hopkins Medicine:

“Almost two-thirds of Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease are women. But the caffeine in two cups of coffee may provide significant protection against developing the condition. In fact, researchers found that women age 65 and older who drank two to three cups of coffee a day were less likely to develop dementia in general.”

I do not think I am alone in hoping that my mind will stay sharp as I age. If drinking a few cups of coffee can prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, it serves as yet another reason to drink a cup of coffee or two each day.

These days, I typically drink two to three cups of coffee a day. That may seem like a lot, but you certainly do not have to have them all at once. I have one right when I wake up in the morning, and then another around lunch time, and sometimes a third mid-afternoon. Spacing them out will not only make it easier to drink a couple cups of coffee a day, but it will also keep your mind firing all day long.

4. You trigger the release of adrenaline.

While coffee certainly has some phenomenal effects on the body, there are also some potential negative impacts to be aware of.

For example, coffee contains caffeine, which may not be suitable for all people (you should always check with your doctor before adding coffee and caffeine in general to your diet).

Business Insider states that:

“Drinking caffeine triggers the release of adrenaline…the source of the fight-or-flight response…[which] sidesteps rational thinking in favor of a faster response. This is great when a bear is chasing you, but it is not so great when you’re responding to a curt email. When caffeine puts your brain and body into this hyper-aroused state, your emotions overrun your behavior. Irritability and anxiety are the most commonly seen emotional effects of caffeine, but caffeine enables all of your emotions to take charge.”

Therefore, that temporary boost in cognitive ability may soon be followed by irritability, anxiousness, and heightened emotions in general. Ultimately, you have to decide whether or not coffee (and caffeine) is right for you.

Final Thoughts

The evidence is clear that drinking coffee every day can have some pretty powerful impacts, both mentally and physically.

I personally have enjoyed drinking coffee for years, and it truly has helped me stay focused, productive, and achieve some of my biggest goals, like getting my course work done to obtain my bachelor's degree in electrical/computer engineering, and graduating with honors.

If you are looking for a brain boosting pick-me-up, a cup of coffee just might be exactly what you need.

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