Your Vision Board is Pointless: You Need to Do This to Make it Powerful in 2021

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If you started with a Vision Board in 2020 don’t blame the pandemic if it didn’t work.

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If you put the vision board that you created last January aside and expected all of your visions to magically come true, don’t blame the year 2020 if they didn’t.

For most of us, this is the only pandemic we have gone through in our lifetime. Many fell into despair, but many people also thrived in 2020 despite the horrible conditions.

2020 was a rough year for all of us, but also consider that Americans had the first 2 months of the year to jump-start our goals and make things happen with normalcy.

What did you do to move toward the goals on your vision board in the first two months of 2020?

10 months of the year we all had to make some changes whether we liked it or not. Our hands were tied on many things out of our control, like lockdowns, shutdowns, layoffs, etc. If you were super specific with your vision board, then you get a pass, somewhat.

Did you pivot your actions so you can still work toward your vision board goals?

Better yet, ask yourself this question: Have you ever made a vision board that worked before 2020?

Be Real With Yourself

If you have never created a successful vision board and you felt in the beginning of 2020 this vision board would work out, then you had it all wrong, my friend. Not because of the pandemic and civil unrest. Your vision board strategy is off and has always been off.

Be real with yourself about your vision board strategy or if you ever even thought of a strategy. If you didn’t you were definitely using your vision board the wrong way. You aren’t alone.

Most people weren’t even aware of what a vision board was before the movie The Secret debut in 2006. However, vision boards have been helping successful people throughout the ages. They knew the real secret behind the board. There’s more to it than just magical thinking.

The law of attraction is real no matter how you choose to believe in it. Whether you believe it’s God or the universe giving it to you, whatever you focus on can materialize.

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There is definitely more to it than faith and magic. Your vision board will never work for you unless you are willing to create it with goals that you can really believe in, envision the right things with the right intentions, and have a strategy to make your vision a reality.

You had the right intentions, but the wrong idea.

Get certain things right about your vision board and watch the magic actually start to happen.

Images Must Resonate With You

One of the most common and older ways to make a vision board is by cutting out photos in a magazine of the things we dream of. There are updated ways of doing this, but the idea behind it is the same. The problem with this is that everything in a magazine or the like is photoshopped or glamorized in some way.

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This is great if you live a glamorous life already because you are well-positioned and can actually see yourself there. This doesn’t mean that someone who’s not glamorous can’t become glamorous, but you have to position yourself to get there.

Weight loss is a common vision board goal. You cut out a photo of someone who has the physique you like, but your body shape can never get there naturally because no amount of exercise can change your bone structure.

Your mind, which isn’t stupid doesn’t see it as realistic. You may not even lose weight because of this unrealistic image of yourself. You just destroyed your own self-improvement with an unrealistic goal.

The magazine photo is meant for someone else and not you. You certainly could go out and pay tons of money to alter yourself. If that’s your goal then go for it. Hopefully, you didn’t think that your body would magically morph into something it can never be naturally.

Let’s say you live in a rural community that doesn’t have one tall building in it. You love your family and friends in your town and you have no plans to ever leave or live elsewhere.

You go to a vision board party and cut out a photo of a high rise penthouse apartment from a magazine overlooking a city that doesn’t exist in your vicinity. Do you think that dream is realistic?

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You are just sabotaging your growth. Don’t add a photo to your board that doesn’t really match your own dreams because you like the photo. The vision must be of a goal you really want to attain and work for.

Now, it is possible that you have a desire to build a high rise in your community. Maybe your community is one that is under development. Then it does make sense to have a dream about living in a penthouse apartment overlooking a city because it matches with the future growth of your community.

If you really want to ensure that goal is met, have your hand in building that cityscape.

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The point is, just because you like how something looks, doesn’t mean it looks good for you and how you really want to be in the future.

Put images on your vision board that is realistic and really go with who you are or who you want to be. Adding images to your board that your mind believes to be a pipe dream only tells your mind that your board is fantasy.

Visualize the Right Way

Staring at a vision board isn’t going to magically make your dreams come true. It doesn't matter how many hours you sit and dream, things just aren’t going to fall out of the sky without action.

Looking at a photo of a million dollars isn’t going to get you a million dollars. Faith without works is dead. You need to move to make that money magnetically come towards you.

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What you need to visualize is you doing the things that will bring the million dollars to you, not just having the million dollars. The money won’t fall out of the sky and onto your lap as you sit on your couch and do nothing but fantasize about a million-dollar life.

We all love to have fun conversations about what we would do if we won the lottery. I’m not saying you can’t win the lottery, but you can’t win if you don’t at least play the lottery.

Athletes who win championships don’t sit and visualize winning. They visualize themselves doing the hard work and practicing the game. Then they actually do the work and really practice. Visualizing winning without working is being a spectator, not an athlete. Visualize what you will do to reach your goal, then do it.

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Of course, lucky things happen to people all the time. You will have better luck by positioning yourself and being ready when luck happens. That’s how the law of attraction works. It works when you work. You have to give your vision board the power with action.

The Vision Board Isn’t What Makes the Magic

Realize that it isn’t the vision board that will attract the things you want. A vision board is simply a tool to help you focus on what you want. A tool to keep your eyes on the prize. A tool to put your intentions out there so that you work at making your dreams a reality.

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If you never even look at that vision board until next year, but you put your intentions on the vision board, visualize yourself doing all the things to get to your goals, then doing all the things to get to your goals, you’ll eventually get to your goals in real life.

The magic comes when you, your mind, and your actions are aligned. The vision board is only there to visually put out your plan. So that you can stay focused on those plans. So you will be motivated to do the work to make it happen.


Don’t expect everything on your vision board to happen in the year that you plant that vision. The items on your board that you put the most time and effort into are the ones that will come to you faster.

Those who took action on their vision board in the first two months of 2020 had momentum. That momentum drove them through the pandemic in 2020. Yes, they had to pivot, but the law of attraction was already at work, so as long as they kept moving the law was still working.

Once you start the car and put your foot on the accelerator you will start to move in the direction you want to go. There may be a long road ahead and even detours, but as long as you keep your foot on the gas, you’ll get somewhere.

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The only way to speed up items on a vision board is to lay out a clear strategy behind the vision with a timeframe. Not everything needs to happen right away. Have short and long term goals within your vision.

You not only have to be steadfast about your dreams, but you also have to have full confidence you will meet your goals and take action to make those dreams come into existence.

Keep Dreaming Big

Realistic doesn’t mean to not dream big. You just need to know how to be realistic with how long it will take to get to your goals.

Be strategic about accomplishing goals and start working toward it until it becomes reality. I promise you things will start falling into place magically because you’ve positioned yourself to receive.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Now is the time to take your 2020 vision board, update it with realistic visions made just for you, then use it as a tool to take action in 2021 and beyond.

Happy New Year!


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