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Every freelance web designer faces the problem of additional income. Or rather, finding an appropriate source to get it. Opting for digital marketplaces is a perfect tool to boost your profits by selling your web designs as templates. A huge number of users browse the web daily to find a site with a whole bunch of ready-to-use themes for building their own online platforms. If you have a bag of unique and eye-catching solutions for creating professional websites, you can easily reach your audience via these marketplaces.

For an eager web developer, it is a great chance to expand the sales outlets, increase brand awareness, and showcase their talent. Certainly, you can try selling the online products on your own site. But with a reliable and well-designed marketplace, your tools may be sold at double speed, which is the chief asset of these platforms. If you feel insecure about choosing the right place to sell your website solutions, here are 10 hand-picked marketplaces with awesome results to obtain a great clientele and earn some extra money.

Top 10 Best Marketplaces To Sell Your Online Products

1. TemplateMonster

Meet one of the leading online platforms to sell your stunning website designs! TemplateMonster is a marketplace possessing 19 years of experience in the web design industry. It is a perfect option for those webmasters who want to boost their earnings by selling unique projects under various categories. TemplateMonster can help you to sell exclusive and non-exclusive digital items such as WordPress Templates, Landing Page Themes, Shopify Store 2.0, Resume Themes, and other professional products you have.

This outstanding marketplace has established itself as a reliable and productive platform for selling various online tools as well as creating high-end designs for your business sites. It should be noted that in TemplateMonster you can find more than 90,000 web designs available to use for a variety of business purposes. This online platform does its utmost to give you support and assistance if required. If you sell your design instruments only in TemplateMonster, your commission rate will be 50-65%. Check out the landing page of the site to learn more about its products and services.

2. MonsterONE

MonsterOne is another cool online project by TemplateMonster, which can serve as an ideal marketplace to add your web tools and sell them successfully. The site is user-friendly and can enable various products including templates, graphics, patterns, presentation themes, planners, and many more. Significant detail: you can add your resources unlimited by pre-subscription. Working with both MonsterOne and TemplateMonster is extremely convenient, as you have the opportunity to generate complementary income streams and find the core audience to grow your site. To become an author, you should submit a short form and get feedback from the site managers.

3. Theme Forest

It is a competitive hub for both selling and purchasing superior online design tools for your businesses. Theme Forest has an easy-to-use interface and offers 50k WordPress trend themes and eye-catching templates. The team provides wonderful support and 35-50% of every exclusive product sale. For non-exclusive online items, you will have 25%. Web developers can upload their website themes that fall under various categories:

  • WordPress Tools
  • CMS Themes
  • eCommerce Instruments
  • Marketing Design Themes
  • Blogging Themes

4. Creative Market

Another resource for sharing your instruments. It is a well-recognized site that allows both exclusive and non-exclusive products. You can expect plenty of advantages including a 60% commission from every sale. It is not necessary to wait for the team to check your product assortment. You can load them up and immediately put them up for sale. Moreover, you will also have access to various useful options, such as statistics, chat with customers, and more. With this hub, you can succeed in selling your design items and adding extra money to your budget.

5. Templamatic

If you are a web designer and want to receive 65% of every design product sale, you should try to use Templamatic to sell your unique tools. This online platform is a perfect place for adding WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and a variety of other templates. The team aims to offer a friendly environment for all digital professionals and provide beneficial cooperation. You should set up a free account and upload your best templates. Moreover, you are free to establish your own prices for projects you want to sell. All design themes are approved by the team before being offered for sale.

6. BuyStockDesign

With this marketplace, you can sell WordPress, PSD, Joomla, HTML, and other web design solutions receiving 50-75% percent of all sales. The site sets prices starting at $5 and up to $25. The minimum cash withdrawal is $50. You can use Paypal or other popular systems. To start selling your instruments, sign up as an author. Although the platform is not that big, it looks user-friendly and is seeking to further grow.

7. TalkFreelance

The specific feature of this project is the fact it operates through forums. To start selling your unique items, you need to become a forum member. A great advantage of the site is getting a net profit, with no commission taken out. In addition, you have the opportunity to hold auctions using the platform forum. This site is perfect for web designers looking for additional income resources. Check out the website page to learn some guidelines to become their author.

8. SitePoint

The marketplace operates in a similar mode to TalkFreelance, it offers a special forum where you can sell your digital design products. The site's selection of themes is mostly dominated by WordPress templates, but it allows adding any type of design tools you have available. It's worth noting that the site charges a fee for putting products on the market, though you get a full share of the sales. To add your theme solutions to the site, create a listing for the auction, specify the price, and mention the exclusivity of your template. This marketplace is a reliable way to find your customer base and promote the business.

9. Webmaster-Talk

It is another superb online tool aimed at webmasters who own business sites and want to purchase engaging templates for the successful development of their business platforms. Webmaster-Talk offers a great opportunity for web designers to sell their products at good prices. However, the site has minimal restrictions on posting online tools for sale. You can check them out by visiting their website.

10. eBay

You have probably heard of this outstanding marketplace. Many business owners use it to sell and buy a variety of products, including site design items. This platform is known for a huge number of customers, which is the primary reason to consider it as a potential source for web designers. It should be noted that pricey products are quite difficult to sell at this site. The principle of its operation is similar to the other marketplaces in this collection. You need to upload your online product, set a price, or put it up for auction. Use this online source to sell copies of your templates with ease. eBay is super easy to navigate, so make sure you consider it for growing your business.

Marketplaces To Sell Website Templates FAQ’s

1. Can I both sell and buy templates on these marketplaces?

Of course! You can become an author on these marketplaces and also buy online design products to build your platforms. These platforms offer a vast selection of themes under different categories.

2. How do I choose the best platform to sell my products?

Choosing the best marketplace to sell your products depends on your priorities and needs. Pay attention to commissions, usage limits, and the number of customers visiting these sites on a daily basis.

3. Do these sites offer support for authors?

Yes, each of these sites provides the right technical support that doesn't involve long troubleshooting. Learn more on the marketplace websites.

4. How do I upload my templates and themes to the TemplateMonster website?

You need to create an author account, add your online tool to a zip file, and upload it in the Products tab. Add the title, category, price, demo, and detailed description. Then you can start uploading your web tool to the site.

Final Words

Hopefully, you'll take advantage of the opportunities these marketplaces give you. If you are a digital designer or web developer, the online platforms included in our selection will help you sell your digital tools to users all over the world who are looking for something engaging and functional for their business sites. Just create a profile and start making money.

All of the marketplaces listed above are top options that will provide you with a consistent profit stream. You don't have to put a lot of effort to operate these platforms and sell your website design solutions. These sites are easy to use and most importantly, they're highly efficient.

Of course, you can find other marketplaces for promoting your digital website instruments. You are free to consider the above-suggested options from our hand-picked collection and choose the ones that will meet your needs and standards. Thank you for reading this article! We are always happy to help you!

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