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Disney Fans Will Love this Special Behind-the-Scenes Opportunity

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Many of the millions of people who visit Orlando, Florida annually end up making a stop at one or more of the Disney World theme parks.

Kids from all over the United States and the world are drawn to ‘the most magical place on earth,’ and for many families, a stop at the Walt Disney World Resort is a bucket list item. Growing up, I was fortunate that my family was one of those. Looking back, I’m grateful to my parents for making it happen, because we did have some magical moments and created special family memories on that trip.

As a kid, you don’t necessarily put too much thought into the experiences you’re having or wonder how they’re made possible; you’re too enchanted by it all and too busy having fun! But lately, thanks to Disney+, I’ve been watching more behind-the-scenes shows that give you a window into just how much time, effort, money, creativity, skill, and most of all, people, it takes to create a place like this. It’s mind-boggling to say the least!

While it’s interesting and informative, in my experience, watching something on TV is never as powerful as experiencing it for yourself.

But what if you could gain access to one of Disney’s creative minds? Someone who was there, on the ground, helping to create the vision of several of the Florida theme parks. Well, thanks to an Airbnb experience, you can!

Brian Collins, a former Disney Imagineer, is offering a “stroll” through Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom at Florida’s Disney World. He will be your private tour guide as you wander the park of your choice, answering your questions, telling stories, and filling you in on any interesting facts you’d likely otherwise never learn about.

As he says:

I helped create the magic in virtually all of the Florida theme parks. Now I share that insight and expertise with others who have always wanted to learn more about the stories, history, design, and other behind-the-scenes information that only a former Imagineer could provide!

You’ll also gain a more in-depth look at certain attractions he was involved with before you take a ride on them, including “rare insight into the storyline, design, and effects.”

For any Disney fanatic, this sounds like a dream come true! Having now been to four of Disney’s six worldwide resorts (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Orlando, and California,) this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I’d love.

I’ve watched documentaries like One Day at Disney and The Imagineering Story, which details “a place best described as equal parts artist studio, design center, think tank and innovation laboratory.” But this would be the next level.

Walt Disney Imagineering, the Disney Company’s research, design and development center, is a place where some of the most creative ideas become reality, and it now has a fascinating history spanning 68 years.

For all you Disney fans and lovers of all ages out there, this is your chance to pick the brain of someone who knows the Disney experience inside and out. Your 4-hour stroll with Brian is sure to be enlightening, and the positive reviews are a testament to the value of his tour and knowledge.

However, if you still have more to learn or just want to keep the conversation going, you can also book a second experience with him: Discussion & Dining with an Imagineer, described as "a rare chance for any Disney fan to get some up-close time with someone who helped create the Magic."

Both of these are great options to look into for your next trip to Orlando!

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