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Taste the Beers of the Wizarding World Exclusively at Universal Studios

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Two things I really love are craft beer and the Harry Potter series.

But as much as I love them both separately, I never dreamed they’d somehow be combined. There’s Butterbeer, of course (which is delicious), but real Harry Potter-themed craft beer? Can you imagine!? I wasn’t holding my breath, though I did think it would be pretty cool.

I’ve been a Harry Potter fan since my teenage years, devouring all the books and seeing the movies as soon as they came out. J.K. Rowling created a magical world, and I happily ate it up.

So when my partner told me there was a new motion simulation coming to Universal Studios called Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, I was intrigued. I’d been wanting to go back to Universal ever since they'd expanded on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and the arrival of another new ride was even more reason to return.

The tipping point, however, was when he revealed that the Florida Beer Company was now making Harry Potter-themed beers exclusively for Universal Studios. So, as it turns out, two of my favorite things did end up coming together after all. I couldn’t believe my good fortune!

We spent a full day exploring the entire park with a park hopper pass, splitting our time between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and using the Hogwarts Express train to jump between the two. That way, we got to experience as many Harry Potter adventures as we possibly could!

There are currently three Harry Potter-themed brews that are only found at Universal Studios:

Hog’s Head Ale

This is the beer that started it all! It’s described as a smooth and well-balanced red ale, and we both found it refreshing.

Wizard’s Brew

Of the three, this one was my favorite. I love stouts, especially when they have hints of my other favorite drink—coffee! Wizard’s brew is dark and sweet with hints of chocolate and coffee.

Dragon Scale

The Hog’s Head Pub describes this lager as having caramel notes, and it was by far the subtlest and easiest to drink.

As we toured the different parks, we made sure to hunt each one of these beers down. (That was part of the adventure!)

But if you’re not up for tracking them down at different locations, you can currently find all three on tap at the Hog’s Head Pub inside the Three Broomsticks in Islands of Adventure.

If you’re a beer lover and a Harry Potter fan, you’ll enjoy pairing the two for a day of magical refreshments!

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