7 Signs Your Personality Type Is the INFP

Allison Burney


I recently learned that I’m wired differently than most people.

What makes me different? My personality type.

I’m an INFP, and according to 16Personalities, this type makes up only 4% of the population.

This made sense to me. I’ve always felt that I see things a bit differently than most other people I know—whether it’s in my outlook on the world and the way I approach it, the way I view money and its purpose, or my beliefs about the career world.

I’ve taken pieces of my results from three different personality assessments I completed that really resonated with me. Reading these statements, I felt understood. Something clicked.

Learning about my personality type helped explain the following 7 things about me. If you can relate to some or all of these statements, you may be an INFP as well.

1. You're a dreamer

  • INFP personalities are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better.
  • INFPs never seem to lose their sense of wonder. One might say they see life through rose-colored glasses.
  • Ultimately, INFPs want to change the world in whatever way they can. They want to make the world a better place for others. They see themselves as part of something larger than themselves.

2. You're not crazy about money

  • Diplomats are the least likely personality type group to use money to motivate themselves.
  • While INFPs work to earn money, in some ways, they also see money as energy or a gift to give and receive.

3. You're resistant to the idea of “just getting a job”

  • People with the INFP personality type aren’t looking for easy, forgettable work that pays the bills. They’re looking for meaningful work that they actually want to think about.
  • Understanding themselves and their place in the world is important to INFPs, and they explore these ideas by projecting themselves into their work.
  • Knowing that what they are doing is meaningful gives people with this personality type a sense of purpose. I want and need work that I believe in, and something I can belong to.
  • It is perhaps more challenging for INFPs to find a satisfying career than any other type.

4. You love spending time alone

  • INFPs’ primary mode of living is focused internally, where they deal with things according to how they feel about them, or how they fit into their personal value system.
  • INFPs will always need to disappear for a while, removing themselves from others so they can re-center on their own minds and feelings.
  • INFPs often drift into deep thought, enjoying contemplating the hypothetical and the philosophical more than any other personality type.

5. You're constantly on a mission to live a better life

  • INFPs’ primary goal is to find out their meaning in life. What is their purpose? How can they best serve humanity in their lives?
  • They use their discoveries to constantly search for value in life.
  • They are on a continuous mission to find the truth and deeper meaning underlying things.
  • Every encounter and every piece of knowledge gained gets sifted through the INFP’s value system and is evaluated to see if it has any potential to help the INFP define or refine their own path in life.
  • When something captures INFPs’ imagination and speaks to their beliefs, they go all in, dedicating their time, energy, thoughts and emotions to the project or cause.

6. You're hard to "figure out"

  • INFPs harbor many dualities when it comes to being sociable. They crave the depth of mutual human understanding but tire easily in social situations.
  • They are excellent at reading into others’ feelings and motivations but are often unwilling to provide others with the same insight into themselves.
  • INFPs like the idea of human contact, but not the reality of social contact.
  • INFPs are private, reserved and self-conscious, and may be perceived as calm or even shy. This makes them notoriously difficult to really get to know.

7. You value freedom and adventure

  • INFPs are often described as free spirits.
  • A live-and-let-live attitude comes naturally to INFPs, and they dislike being constrained by rules.
  • INFPs are always willing to try something new and exciting and are very open-minded.
  • INFPs aren’t interested in controlling others and have a similar distaste for being controlled.

Knowing this information doesn't mean anything in and of itself, but it has led to a much greater understanding of myself and what my values are. And this, ultimately, has helped me gain more clarity and feel more comfortable in my skin.

The way I see it, learning more about yourself can only help you thrive because it'll allow you to play to your strengths. There are many ways to discover more about yourself, but I've found personality tests to be a worthwhile tool along my journey to living a more fulfilling life.

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