Ignore All the ‘Proof’ Your Mind Gives You for Why You Can’t

Allison Burney

It’s time to let your imagination take the reins

Riches come to those who believe anything is possible, even when all signs point to ‘No Way in Hell.’ — Jen Sincero

Whether we want to believe it or not, our mindset matters, and so do the thoughts that run through our heads all day long.

It’s important to become aware of what’s actually going on in your head throughout your day, because for a lot of people, it’s not all that great.

Instead of living our daily lives out of a state of joy and excitement and gratitude, most of us are running around with an outlook something similar to Chicken Little’s mantra of choice: “The sky is falling!”

Many of us live out of a doom and gloom mentality, where life is hard, people are out to get you, and if you’re not careful, you’ll get hurt or something bad will happen.

To Change Your Life, Let Yourself Dream

When I finally started to become aware of the fact that I, too, was living out of this dark, unfriendly place in my mind, it was enlightening. I began to see clearly all the ways this outlook on life was affecting me—and it wasn’t pretty.

I realized that not only was I living small, tiptoeing around my dreams because I was scared to go for them, but I also wasn’t the kind of person I wanted to be.

Like the hit song,

What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.

And to that, I would add dreamers. The world needs more imagination, more belief in the unseen. More magic. More possibility.

As Sincero says,

It’s through our imagination, not our current version of ‘the truth,’ that we’re able to play with the infinite possibilities that are available to us. Anything goes when our hearts and our imaginations are at the helm.

Believe It’s Possible Before You’ve Got Any Proof

Plus, living from a place of possibility and infinite opportunity is a lot more fun and exciting than living from a place of fear and doubt and worry. It actually feels better. I feel more relaxed in my body, more natural, and more aligned with the universe.

And that’s a good thing, because that’s the place we need to operate from in order for anything big to happen in our lives.

When something seems so big, so magnificent, so out of reach, it requires you to believe it’s possible before you’ve got any proof that you could ever pull it off. In fact, it usually requires you to ignore a lifetime of proof that you probably can’t pull it off.
— Jen Sincero

And that’s exactly why people who do pull off their dreams, despite the odds, are so fascinating to the rest of us.

Break Away From The Crowd

I’m tired of not being one of the fascinating ones. I don’t want to be part of the crowd who sits back and watches other people achieve their dreams anymore, all while telling myself that they’re just different. They’ve got some special gift or talent that I don’t have, and that’s why a big life is not for me.

Well, why can’t it be for me!?

Maybe they do have a special talent or unique skill. Maybe they were born with it. Maybe they are lucky, or just different.

But maybe they’re not.

What if the people we see doing amazing things, achieving their dreams, building mega-companies, changing the world, making a difference, earning riches, and helping others are, in reality, people who at one time were just like you and I?

What if they, too, started out as an average person who was just tired of living small?

Everything Is Available

Could it be that the people I now admire and look up to, like my favourite writers, entrepreneurs, success/life coaches, and spiritual teachers are just like me, deep down?

If that’s the case (and I’m beginning to suspect that it is more and more), then that whole world they appear to live in — one of abundance, possibility, options, freedom, impact, growth, change, free of limitations — is also available to me.

And how exciting is that?

Not knowing how it will happen for me, or being able to see it is difficult, yes.

But the alternative to going for it anyway is even harder.

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