Mushroom is a Vegetable Rich in Fiber, Protein and Vitamins.

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Mushrooms: Mushrooms are available in many varieties. This edible fungus is produced in many colors and flavours. Whenever you use Mushrooms in any dish, its taste increases manifold. Mushrooms enhance the flavor of any dish.
If you are fond of eating mushrooms then keep these things in mind.Happy Life

Button mushrooms, milky mushrooms and oyster mushrooms are commonly found during most of the year. Dried shiitake mushrooms, morels and porcini mushrooms are also available in this season.Although all types of mushrooms make great dishes, but each type of mushroom has its own characteristics. If you are fond of eating mushrooms then keep these things in mind

most common mushrooms

Button mushroom is the most common variety available, it can be used as a stand alone vegetable or mixed with other vegetables or used in casseroles or many other types of dishes. Milky mushrooms are thick and short headed. Oyster mushrooms are more flattened - and they have little to no stem. These mushrooms are very tender and are ready to cook within half a minute.

most expensive mushrooms

Kashmiri Morels or Gucci is one of the most attractive varieties of mushrooms. It has a different taste and flavour. These are extremely expensive. Their price ranges from 15 thousand to 25 thousand rupees per kg. These mushrooms taste good as stuffed or Gucci casserole.

Keep these things in mind while cooking

Dried Shiitake Mushrooms originating in the world should be thoroughly cleaned before cooking. After washing them in cold running water, leave them immersed in hot water for half an hour. This water has its flavor, so keep it aside to use while cooking, which makes great dishes. , Whenever you make a dish from it, keep in mind that it does not overcook. Mushrooms only take a few minutes to cook. If they are left on high flame for a long time, their color and shape gets spoiled.

Fresh local varieties of mushrooms are best. By the way, some degree of flavor remains in dried mushrooms too.

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