A mother's eyes filled with tears in the hospital after seeing her newborn baby, and said, "where I went wrong."

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A mother's eyes filled with tears in the hospital after seeing her newborn baby, and said, "where I went wrong."Photo byJonathan Borba/ Pexels

The birth of a child is the happiest moment in a parent's life, but it is not easy for parents to see their child with a different medical condition.

A mother's eyes filled with tears when she saw her newborn baby first time and questioned herself, "where I went wrong."

The newborn baby's name is Ayla Summer Mucha. She was born with an extremely rare medical condition called Bilateral Macrostomia, where the corners of the mouth do not fuse during pregnancy.

The condition was so rare that only 14 cases of it have been reported in the whole world.

Ayla's mother, Cristina Vercher, said, "All I could think about as a mother was where I went wrong, especially when I had been so pedantic throughout my entire pregnancy."

Ayla's parents were not unaware of such a condition. So, it came as a 'huge shock' for them.

The condition is not just a cosmetic issue. Unfortunately, it can also affect an infant's suckling and latching ability, which is why surgery is frequently advised in cases involving skin closure with minimal scarring.

Ayla's parents are concerned about the difficulties they would face after the surgery. Despite their baby's rare medical condition, they haven't given up hope and have set up a TikTok account to raise awareness about it. The account has almost 1,18,000 followers already.

Ayla was born with a rare medical condition that causes her to appear to have a "permanent smile," placing smiles on the faces of millions of strangers online.

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