Meet a black woman who gave birth to white and black twins and refused to accept them.

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As we all know, mother nature never stops surprising us. Once again, a mother surprises us by giving birth to one in a million twins, black and white.

When a mother gave birth to twins, a white baby girl, and a black baby boy, she believed one of her babies had been exchanged in the hospital, so she refused to accept the baby.

In 2016, a mother (Judith Nwokocha) gave birth to twins with different skin colors, which confused the mother because she thought the hospital staff had mixed up her babies with another baby.

Judith Nwokocha explains that since it took her eight years to conceive naturally, people are sometimes shocked when she goes out with her twins now.

The twins, a boy named Kamsi and a girl named Kachi, have become a sensation and went viral on the Internet after their mom shared their pictures on social media.

A baby girl Kachi was diagnosed with Oculocutaneous Albinism (OCA) type 2, an inherited condition where people don't produce sufficient melanin (pigment), which affects their eyes, skin, and hair.

When both parents carry the albinism gene, one in every four offspring has a chance of being affected.

Judith was initially concerned about how people would react to Kachi's albinism. But apart from sensitive skin and eyes, her daughter is perfectly healthy.

Additionally, she states that many people don't believe Kachi is her child, and some have even questioned the girl's parents.

The genetic disorder, which is a kind of albinism, is most frequent among Sub-Saharan Africans, African-Americans, and Native Americans.

In addition, Kachi and Kamsi are now 3 years old and the twins have almost 18,000 followers on their Instagram accounts.

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