Archaeologists solved one of the most important mysteries of Jesus' life.

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Two thousand years ago Holy scripture of Christianity, known as the Bible, came to be known to humanity, which tells all about Jesus Christ, but there are some bible mysteries that probably never be solved.

Archaeologists solved one of the most important mysteries of Jesus' life.

What are the details?

The Bible contains a significant gap that leaves out about 20 years of Jesus' life. What did he do during this period, and where did he go?

It is among the biggest mysteries in human history. What happened with Jesus was that he almost vanished from the scriptures at the age of 12, only reappearing at roughly 30 to start his ministry.

According to SBS, Jesus reportedly traveled worldwide despite hailing from a working-class background in the Middle East.

One archaeologist published a book pushing the idea that the young Jesus traveled to the Western Hemisphere; he visited tribes in "Peru, South and Central America, Mexico, and North America."

According to a different myth, Jesus traveled to Japan when he was 21 to study Buddhism with a senior monk.

However, major theories have come up. The first was proposed by Nicolas Notovitch, a Russian who claimed to have seen proof of Jesus traveling to India, Nepal, and Tibet to learn with yogis while visiting a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas. People were terrified when Notovitch published a book on it in 1894. However, others have claimed that it has since been validated.

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