Scientists found drinking one soft drink per day had a 73% higher risk of developing cancer

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A recent study published in Current Developments in Nutrition (CDN) found that drinking just one soft drink per day had a 73% higher risk of developing liver cancer.

The University of South Carolina led this research, where they examined data from 90,000 postmenopausal women who participated in the Women's Health Initiative. A long-term study started in the early 1990s was analyzed for the current study.

The researchers looked at their health over the past 18 years compared to their dietary habits.

Researchers found a total of 205 (Approximately 7% ) women in this survey developed liver cancer because of daily consumption of drinks that contain one or more 12-ounce cups of sugar-sweetened.

Women who regularly drink more than one sugary drink had a 78% higher risk of developing liver cancer and those consuming at least one soft drink per day were 73% more likely to develop liver cancer as compared to those who never consumed these beverages or consumed less than three servings per month.

Before you think, 'that's just about a soft drink,' the study's lead author also called out those who put sugar in their tea or coffee.

Longgang Zhao, a doctoral candidate, explained, "Our findings suggest sugar-sweetened beverage consumption is a potentially modifiable risk factor for liver cancer."
"Replacing sugar-sweetened beverages with water, and non-sugar-sweetened coffee or tea could significantly lower liver cancer risk."

Further research is reportedly required to determine the exact reason why these sugary beverages have such a negative effect on the liver.

In addition, according to the researchers, this may be because sugar increases the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes, both of which are risk factors for liver cancer.

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