Meet a woman who gave birth to a giant size baby as big as a toddler

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All the women would agree that giving birth is one of the most painful experiences in women's lives, and it may happen to anybody.

The miracle of life is joyful, unless when it isn't, so imagine having to give birth to a toddler-sized infant.

A mother's (Caprice Furness) story went viral on TikTok, where she opened up and shared one of her life's best and worst experiences.

That's because the baby was "the size of a toddler" when she was born.

She never imagined this would happen when she gave birth to her second daughter. However, Caprice Furness felt that the child would be big, but she did not think that the child would be that bigger.

When she was 38 weeks pregnant, she proudly displayed her stomach and predicted a difficult delivery. She could never have imagined how difficult it would be.

The mother said in a recent video, "I gave birth to a toddler," Her new baby girl's name is Elianna Atkinson. She has an 11-month-old sister called Ava, although they appear to be the same age.
Caprice explains, "She wasn't a fat baby; she's just a long baby. Despite being 16 months old, Elianna and her sister are the same sizes.

When Elianna was born, she weighed nine pounds, was dressed in 0 to 3-month clothes, and started using size two diapers.

According to the World Health Organization, the average birth weight of a full-term female is 7 pounds and 2 ounces.

It is funny to imagine a child emerging completely grown and carrying a briefcase off to work. Even parents with children of average size will find themselves chuckling at this one.

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